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Q: What is a mathematical sentence that has at least one operation and an equal sign?
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What mathematical phrase includes at least one variable and one operation?

An expression.

An expression with at least one variable and one operation?

2×+4×-5 An expression does not have an equal sign but can be solved has numbers, variables, and at least one operation

What is the the mathematical symbol for at least?

Here is an example that will show you right away what the symbol is. We want "at least" 3. That means 3 or more So the sign is ≥. (Greater than or equal to)

A sentence with the word isosceles in it?

An isosceles triangle is one with at least two equal sides.

What is the mathematical symbol for at most?

The inequality sign for at most is < with _ under it. ( less than or equal to)

Use equilateral triangle in a sentence?

An isosceles triangle is a triangle with at least 2 equal sides (and 2 equal angles).

What does At least mean in math terms?

"At least" is expressed with the "greater or equal" sign, for example, x >= 100. (I don't know how to draw the greater-or-equal sign here - it is a horizontal line beneath the greater sign).

How to write an equation?

Write down any two mathematical expressions, making sure that at least one of them contains an unknown quantity, and write the statement saying that they're equal to each other.

What does LCO stand for?

least common operation

Why is it an isosceles triangle?

When a triangle has 2 sides that are equal in length it is isosceles from Latin and Greek words. Isosceles may also be a mathematical geometric shape with at least 2 sides having the same length.

What is a mathematical amount that contains at least one variable?

An algebraic expression.

A mathematical phase containing at least one variable?

It is an algebraic expression.