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The answer is Equation!

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Q: What is a mathematical sequence whose verb is equal?
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A mathematical sequence whose verb is equal?


A mathmatical sequence whose verb is equal?

A mathematical sequence whose verb is equal is the definition for an equation. An equation is given in the form A is equal to B. An equation can contain numbers and variables.

A mathematical sequence whose verb is egual?


Is a mathematical sequence whose verb is equal called a formula or equation?

Formulas are comparable to math sentences, expressions are more like phrases. Formulas are equations that appear frequently and are related to known phenomena like the area of a rectangle.

Define mathematical verb?

It's when something mathematical is taking action.

Does sequence have a verb?

The word sequence has a technical use as a verb in genetics. It can also mean "to arrange in a sequence", but it's much more common for English speakers to use the verb orderfor that meaning as in the sentence "He ordered all of the books on the shelf alphabetically".

Is equal a verb?

Yes, it is a verb form of "to equal." It may also be an noun or adjective.

Is sequence a noun?

Yes, the word 'sequence' is both a verb and a noun.The noun 'sequence' is a word for a set of related things that happen or are arranged in a particular order; the order in which a set of things happens or is arranged; a word for a thing.The noun forms of the verb to sequence are sequencerand the gerund, sequencing.

In a sentence what verb is correct who's or whose in denoting ownership?

Example uses:Who's invited to your party? (Who is invited to your party?)Whose car is blocking the driveway?

What do you mean about Whose this?

The question 'Whose this?' is not correct.Using the interrogative pronoun 'whose' requires a verb:'Whose is this?'Using the pronoun contraction for 'who is' requires an apostrophe: 'Who's this?'

What is the most common sequence of words when an adjective is used with a linking verb?

subject + linking verb +adjective e.g. Roses + are + red

What part of speech is the word dance?

Depends.In the sentence "The dancing monkey is cute." it is an adjective used to describe the monkey. Which monkey? The dancingmonkey.But in the sentence "I am dancing." It is a verb.