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The metric unit of volume is meter squared: m3.

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Q: What is a metric unit of volume using length called?
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What does metric volume mean?

It is a measurement of volume using units from the metric system.

What is length in chemistry?

Standard measuments of length in Chemistry is Metric. Using the Metric system - The meter is the SI unit of length. The modern system is called the International System of Units or SI.

What properties of an object would you observe when you a metric ruler?

You will measure the volume of regular shaped objects using a metric ruler and calculating the length , width and height of the ruler .It can be calculated in cm and mm .

What is the length of a highway using metric system?


When using metric system what can length be measured in?


How do you estimate the length of your thumb using the metric units?


What is the an acceptable method to directly measure volume using the metric system?

The most usual method to measure volume, using the metric system, is by means of a graduated cylinder. You can pour a fluid into it and then read the volume as marked on the cylinder.

What is metric converter?

Metric converter is used for all types of conversions, such as distance, length, volume, mass conversion, etc. Now you can convert all these units on your mobile by using online conversion site converterin.

What objects are measured using the metric system?

Weight,distance,& volume

Do you measure the volume of a room in meters when using the metric system?


What metric unit of measurement is used when using the tool lenght times width times height?

When multiplying length by width by height, the volume of the object is calculated. Volume is measured in cubic metres, or m3.

In the metric unit of length what is the height of an office building in math using length?

I think a hectometer.

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