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It can be a fraction or an integer.

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Q: What is a multiple from a fraction?
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Related questions

A fraction is a fraction whose denominator is 10 100 or some other multiple of 10.?

That is not true. 2/7 is a fraction and 7 is not a multiple of 10.

What fraction is 7 kg of 350g?

7 kg is NOT a fraction of 350 g. It is a multiple: 20 times.

What fraction is represented by letter k?

k often represents 1000 the multiple, not a fraction.

If the numerator of a fraction is a prime number can the fraction be simplied?

Yes, if the denominator is a multiple of the numerator. No, if not.

What are the fraction multiple of 1 out of 9?

Any rational number is a fraction multiple of 1/9. For example, if you want 7/8 thenp/q = (7/8)*(1/9) = 7/72 is the multiple that you want.

How do you make fraction to whole number?

You multiply the fraction by any non-zero multiple of its denominator.

What is the leasts multiple of 45 over 27 in a fraction?

The smallest multiple of anything is the thing itself.

What is the least common denominator of a list of fraction?

It is the smallest positive integer which is a multiple of the denominators of each fraction.

When is it easiest to find the percent of a number using a fraction?

When the denominator of the fraction is a simple multiple of 2s and 5s.

What is the multiple or fraction of hecto?

hecto = 100 times

How do you make a fraction to whole numbers?

A fraction can't become a whole number, unless the numerator is a multiple of the denominator.

Does the prefix deca indicate a multiple or a fraction of a basic unit?

The prefix, deca, represents a multiple of the basic unit.

42 least common multiple?

To find the least common multiple than multiply by a whole number fraction

Is 15 a fraction of 5?

No because 15 is a multiple of 5

What is the result if a fraction which has a numerator which multiple of the denaminator?

It is an improper fraction which can be converted into a whole number as for example 4/2 = 2

What fraction of 1 is 40?

It is not a fraction, it is a multiple.

What Number is a wole number in a fraction?

It is a number whose numerator is a multiple of the denominator. Equivalently, it is a fraction which, when simplified, has a denominator of 1.

What is a fraction whose denominator is 10 100 or some multiple of 10.?

It is simply a fraction: nothing more, nothing less.

How do you know a fraction will be a repeating decimal?

Reduce the fraction. By my experience most will be repeating if the denominator is not 2,4,5,8, or 10 or.... MULTIPLE OF 10 and these same ones ..... like 20,40 etc., or a multiple of 100 and these same ones, etc

If the numerator of a fraction is a prime number can the fraction be simplified?

Equivalent fraction match * * * * * Yes, if the denominator is a multiple of the numerator. For example, 7/35 = 1/5

How do you covert a fraction to a percent and decimal?

you multiple it first then you add it after that you got the answer

How can you tell if a fraction is equivalent to a whole number?

If the numerator is a multiple of the denominator.

Can a multiple of a number be of lesser value?

Yes, if either the number, or its multiple, are negative, or, a fraction. Of course, not both can be negative!!!

How do you change 8.3 into a fraction?

The numerical value of 8.3 can be written as a fraction in multiple ways. These include 8 3/10ths and 8.3/10.

What is the formula for determining a fraction of a number?

Multiple the fraction with the number. For example, what is 1/2 of 10? 1/2 * 10 = 5.