What is a natufian complex?

Updated: 12/10/2022
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The Natufian culture is dated between about 10000 and 8000 BCE at the very end of the Period. It marks the transition period from that of the hunting/gathering way of life to a more agricultural one. Settlement pattern changed at that time, as well, from a concentration on the coastal plain of ancient to the higher areas where there was a greater rainfall and more favorable climate.

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Q: What is a natufian complex?
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What is the natufian Complex?

go into google and type things like "the natufians" or "natufian history" things like that and lots of things will come up about them! :) your welcome

When was the first Natufian Settlement?


What has the author Brian F Byrd written?

Brian F. Byrd has written: 'The Natufian encampment at Beidha' -- subject(s): Excavations (Archaeology), Natufian culture

What has the author Carla A Parslow written?

Carla A. Parslow has written: 'Social interaction in the prehistoric Natufian'

What sorts of things did the Natufian do in their spare time?

They made tools and art. Or somtimes carved a small figure out of a rock

What has the author Mina Weinstein-Evron written?

Mina Weinstein-Evron has written: 'Archaeology in the archives' -- subject(s): Antiquities, Archaeologists, Archives, Excavations (Archaeology), Natufian culture

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What is Natufian society?

The Natufians consist of some of the earliest neolithic cultures on the Near East Mediterranean. One settlement was Jericho, dated from 9,000 BCE, and inhabited off and on since then, another was Ain Mallaha, located in Northern Israel from 10,000 - 8,000 BCE, another settlement was Ain Ghazel, which existed from 7200 - 5000 BCE. They had permanent villages, a hunting-based economy, as well as wild agriculture, and produced different types of artwork, including clay figurines, thought to be worshippers or to represent ancestors, and faces modeled on human skulls, thought to preserve the beauty of the dead, to name a few.

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