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Q: What is a negative nine times a number equals -117 find the number?
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Explain how you can find the sign of the product of two or more rational numbers?

Negative times negative equals positive. Positive times positive equals positive. Positive times negative equals negative. If you have more than two numbers, multiply the first two and then apply these rules to each successive number in turn.

How do you find the cube of a negative number?

The cube of a negative number is negative. Negative times negative is positive, but then you have the third multiplication, and positive times negative is negative. So for example (-2)3 = -8.

How do I find x in this equation 1 divided by x equals a negative number?

I think its any other negative number. Because a negative divided by a positive has to be a negative result.

What is a spare number in math?

you find what number times its self equals the number you are squaring

The sum of 6 and three times a number equals find the number?


Find the value of 2y-10 given that -3y-5 equals 4 Simplify your answer as much as possible?

y equals negative 3 because negative 3 times negative 3 equals 9 minus five equals four then that means 2 times negative 3 equals negative 6 minus 10 then u have to do keep change change making the question instead of -6-10 its -6+-10 which equals -16

Two times the reciprocal of a number equals 32 times the reciprocal of 40 Find the number?


How do you find a three quarters of a number?

Divid your number by 4 then times that number by 3 eg. 20 divide 4 equals 5 5 times 3 equals 15

How do you find square root of a number without using calculator?

try to find what number times the same numbers equals the number that you have.

Two times a number plus the square of the number equals 35 find the number?

5 or -7.

Two times a number plus the square of the number equals 48 find the number?

6 or -8

What is the answer to -5 plus a equals 21?

26, in that situation just add the negative number to the answer to find the variable