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The result of subtracting a negative number minus a negative number can be positive, or negative, depending on which of the numbers is larger. It can even be zero.

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Q: What is a negative take away a negative it equals positive?
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What is a negative take away a positive?

A negative - even further away from zero than the first negative.

Can you take away a negative number from positive number?

yes if u take a negative from a positve you will get a negative

How do you take away a negative number from a positive number?

Taking away a negative number is the same as adding the positive value of that number. So 5 take away (-3) = 5 add 3 = 8

Why is a negative number minus a positive number always negative?

Because if the number is already negative and you take away more it will be even farther away from being positive. I hope that makes sense!

Why does a negative number minus a positive equals a negative?

take any negative number, and subtract a positive number..that is the same as adding a negative number and two negative numbers added together are a negative number.

100 positive plus negative 100 equals?

-100(negative 100)+100(positive 100)=0. If you have 100 of something(the +100) and then take away 100 (the -100), you're left with nothing (the 0). So it's 0.

What is the answer to negative 4-4 equals?


What does a negative minus a positive equal?

A negative subracting a positive will end up as a negative. Explanation: If you have 3 negatives, you cannnot take 3 positives from it, so you need to add 3 zeros, (which are both negative and positive), to the negative side. The number zero means nothing, so it will not alter the question. KEY _ =negative + =positive _+ =zero _ _ _ needs _+ _+ _+ to subract + + + Once you take the 3 positives from the negative side, you will be left with 6 negatives _ _ _ _+_+_+ minus + + + leaves you with _ _ _ _ _ _ *NOTE* You may be thinking, "But the zero did count! It's symbol left a mark on the answer!". Wrong. Zero in math means nothing, and that is how it will stay. You only needed it because it had the positive sign you were looking for. But because it is both positive and negative, you will be left with a negative when you take away the positive, and a positive when you take away the negative. This is why a positive subracting a negative will equal a negative.

What is negative 81 minus negative 67equal?

Eight one take away negative sixty seven equals negative fourteen. This is a math problem.

How can you take one from nine and get ten?

9 - (-1) = +10 positive nine minus negative one equals positive ten

What is negitve plus positive equals?

When adding a negative to a positive, the answer is positive if the positive is greater, and negative if the negative is greater. In other words, subtract the smaller from the larger and take the sign of the larger. Example: -7 + 9 = +2 Example: -9 + 7 = -2

What is 1 take away negative 2 over 5?

Subtracting a negative is adding a positive: 1 and 2/5

How do you get the answer to -3 x -3?


How do you change negative powers to positive?

You take away the negative sign and put 1 over the base with the (now positive) exponent. Example: x to the negative 2 becomes 1 over x to the 2nd.

Positive 26 take away negative 4?

30 becasue of the same change change rule.

What can you say about the sign of the sum of integers with unlike signs?

Positive + positive = positive Negative + negative = negative Positive + negative will take the sign of the number with the greater absolute value.

Why when you multiply and negative number and a positive number it always equals a negative number?

This happens because a negative number is dominant over a positive one, so the number will multiply just as if you were multiplying even numbers, but at the end, just put a negative symbol. Also, if you multiply two negatives, they cancel themselves out, and the answer just becomes positive, but that only goes when multiplying an even amount of negative numbers together. For all of these, do the equation the same way, but at the end you may have to just add or take away a negative or positive symbol.

What is take away subtraction?

I think I know what you mean. Take away followed by a Subtraction is - - Two negatives equal a positive. Therefore it is a plus. Taking away a negative number gives a plus

A negative number minus a positive number equal?

positive + positive = add (e.g. 2 + 1 = 3)positive + negative = take (e.g. 2 + -1 = 2 - 1 = 1)positive - positive = take (e.g. 2 - 1 = 1)positive - negative = add (e.g. 2 - -1 = 2 + 1 = 3)negative + positive = add (e.g. -2 + 1 = -1)negative + negative = take (e.g. -2 + -1 = -2 - 1 = -3)negative - positive = take (e.g. -2 - 1 = -3)negative - negative = add (e.g. -2 - -1 = -2 + 1 = -1)

What is x -5 -7 -5 -1?

The letter X negative take away seven take away five take away one is an equation. This equation equals .500.

Why does a negative divided by a negative give a positive result?

It's saying subtract a negative number, so take away from something that negative is adding something positive. Think about it like this, If you have a number 5, and someone says to you take away from 5 negative 2, you'd have 7. If what you subtract from something is negative, you gain. I know it may not make sense, but think about it for a bit and I'm sure you'll get it, if not, just remember to do it when you're doing your work.

Is take an positive or negative connotation?

it has a negative connotation, i believe

When subtracting negative numbers why does it stay negative?

If you have negative 8 and subtract 3, you keep going you get negative 11. or if you have negative 3 apples, and take away 3, then you have negative 6 apples. Subtraction of a negative number from another negative number can be positive For example: If you have negative three and subtract negative eight you get positive five. -3 - (-8) = 5

What are the positive and negative effects democracy?

Negative is it'll take longer to do things and positive is everyone is happy... :/

How do you add a negative plus a positive?

You actually take the positive, and put it in front:2+-5=?Then make the negative positive and subtract:2-5=-3dude just reme.... + plus a + = +and a - plus + = -and a - minus a - equals a -and a - minus a plus a + = -ok... sozz... a bit unclear... =='