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I believe a negative times a negative is a positive.

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โˆ™ 2009-10-26 03:16:08
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Q: What is a negitive times a negitive?
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Is a negitive times a positive negitive?


What does a negitive times a negitive equal?

A negative times a negative is definatley a positive. thank you

Positive times a negitive?


Negative times a positive is what?


Positive times a negitive equals?

a negative

What is 8 times negative 2?

negitive 16.

What does a positive times a negitive?

Positive time negative = Negative.

Why is a positive times a negitive a negitive?

If you start with an empty bucket, and you take out of it any number of times,there must be a negative amount in it when you're done.

What is negitive?

Negitive is a number that is below 0.

What is a negitive divided by a negitive?

the result is posative

What is the rule for adding integers with like signs?

positive + positive = positive negitive + negitive = positive negitive + positive = negitive

What is the anwser to negitive 11 minus negitive 5?


What is a positive times a negitive?

A positive number multiplied with a negative number will always be negative.

What is the answer to this sum positive 4 times negitive seven?

Four multiplied by -7 is -28.

What does a negitive divided by a negitive equal?

It becomes positive, same thing as negative x negative.

Does a negitive number plus a negitive number equal a negitive?

Yes.-2 + -2 becomes -2 - 2 which is -4.-2 - -2 become -2 + 2 which is 0.

Some technologies have a number of negitive effects. Which is a negitive effect outcome of the technology of vertical farming?

the answer is A. Rural farmers may lose their income (APEX)

What type of particles gather near the bottom of clouds before energy is released as lightning?

the answer is both positive and negitive charges and that is because to make lighting it has to be positive and negitive charges because if there is both 2 negitive charges will both repel and the same thing will happen to positive charges but when positive and negitive charges and positive charges will attract

A negitive charge?

an adom of coures!

Are electrons positive or negitive?


What is a positive divided by a negitive?

A negative.

Is 0 a positive or a negitive?


What is A negitive divided by a negative?


What is a negitive plus a negitive?

A negative plus a negative is a negative because a negative plus a negative is the same thing as a negative minus a positive number.

What happens to the charge of an atom if two electrons are added?

The charge will become more negitive. Protons are positive, electron are negitive. Nutrons do not have any charge.