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Nine refers to the right fielder. Three to the first baseman Four to the second basemen Theoretically it sounds like the right fielder catches a ball unexpectedly, throws to first for a force out and throws to second for another force out, OR the right fielder actually GETS the out at first base (very rare) on a ground ball who for some reason still has time to try to get somebody at second. 9-4-3 is only the 'trace' of where the ball was thrown, its only a guide, any number of things could happen

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Q: What is a nine three four play in baseball?
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In a baseball league there are four teams How many games must be played for each team to play the other three?

6 games

How many defence players play for defence in baseball?

nine players

How many players can be given out in baseball at once?

3, assuming there is nobody out at the beginning of the play. There are instances where you could get four outs in a single play, but typically after you get the three outs for the inning, the play ends.

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What are the nine baseball positions on the field?

There are three outfielders (left fielder, right fielder, and center fielder), four infielders (third baseman, shortstop, second basemen, and first basemen), a pitcher, and a catcher (the pitcher and catcher, through they play in the infield, are not considered infielders

Will mattyb love a nine year old?

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Where did they get the name baseball?

The name baseball came from the game. you play with four bases and one ball

What is it called when a baseball team makes three outs on one play?

A Triple Play.

How many baseball players are on the field during play?

Traditionally, there are nine players on the field... the batter is not included, because he is not a 'field' player/position. There are three outfielders, three basemen, a shortstop, a pitcher and a catcher... that equals 9.

What is the equipment of baseball?

Equipment needed to play baseball: baseball baseball bat baseball glove home plate three bases

What is it called when a baseball team makes three outs on the same play?

When a baseball team makes three outs in one play is it called a Triple play its very rare and happens about once or twice a year.

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