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is it ordinal number?

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Ii need the answer

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Q: What is a number defining a things position a series?
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What living things that can grow and develop?

All living things grow and develop as this is one of the defining characteristics of a living organism.

Is one fifth an ordinal or a cardinal number?

Ordinal. The way to remember it is that it pertains to things in order in a series.

What is the plural of World Series?

World Series: series n. (pl. same) 1 number of similar or related things, events, etc.; succession, row, or set. 2 set of related but individual

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Sizing up two things and defining different points of good or bad.

What are the five defining activities of living things?

* eating * making waste * growing * death * reproduction

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Is an adjective a thing?

No, it is a characteristic or defining attribute. Adjectives may have the same spelling as nouns that represent things.

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location/type of emergency/participants

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Is the word ' series' a concrete noun?

The noun 'series' is an abstractnoun, a word for a number of things or events arranged in order and connected by being alike in some way ; a word for a concept.

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