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.6n - 1 = 23

.6n = 24

n = 40

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Q: What is a number if three-fifths of the number decreased by one is twenty-three?
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How do you write 23001 in words?

Twentythree thousand [and] one.

A number raise to power three decreased by one divided by the same number decreased by one?

(x3 - 1)/(x - 1) = x2 + x + 1

In humans twentythree chromosomes is what type of number?

In humans twenty three chromosomes is called a haploid. A haploid is the number of chromosomes within the nucleus of a cell that constitutes one complete chromosome set.

What is one fourth of a number decreased by 10 is -50?


One half a number is 12 more than 2 times the number what is the number?

Thirty decreased by three times a number is six less than three times the number. Find the number.

How do positron emission and electron capture change an atom?

After positron emission or electron capture the atomic number is decreased with one.

Eighty-seven decreased by three times a number is greater than one hundred sixty-five?

x > -26

One eighth of a number decreased by 5 is at least 30?

1/8x-5(greater than or equal to) 30

What is the area of a square decreased from one hundred square meters to eighty one square meters find the percent decreased in area?

81 is 81% of 100. Anything that decreased from 100 to 81 decreased by 19 percent of its original value.

In a negative correlation as one factor is decreased the other factor?

In a negative correlation as one factor is decreased, the other factor is increased.

The quotient of a number and -9 increased by 10 is 11?

A quotient is the number obtained when one number is divide by another. 11 decreased by 10 is 1. The only number that can be paired with -9 to obtain a quotient of 1 is -9.

What is a number if three fifths of the number decreased by one is twenty three?

let x = number 3/5 x - 1 = 23 3/5x = 24 3x = 120 x = 40

If one number is six more than another if twice their sum is decreased by 4 the result is 36 Find the numbers?

13 and 7

What is one hundred decreased by twentyfive?


Ten times a number increased by 5 is greater than twelve times a number decreased by one?

10x + 5 > 12x - 2 7 > 2x 7/2 > x

What is the algebraic equation for Eighty-seven decreased by three times a number is greater than one hundred sixty-five?

let x=the number 87-3*(x)>165

What is the algebraic expression for the quotient of 3 and a number decreased by 5?

The question is ambiguous so the answer is one of:3/n - 5 or 3/(n-5)

A number is decreased to it's one fourth when subtracted by thirty so what's the actual number?

40 (30 must be 3/4 of orig number so (30/3)*4) pls give explanation?

The emission of a Beta particle has the effect of?

The emission of a Beta particle has the effect of decaying a neutron into a proton and an electron. This increases the atomic number and the electron is ejected energetically. The number of neutrons are decreased by one and the number of protons increase by one, changing the atom to a different element.

What is one result of decreased blood flow to the brain?


What is One result from a lowered water table?

Decreased wetland

When one third of a number is decreased by 11 and the result is 38 what is the missing number?

1/3x - 11 = 38 Therefore, 1/3x = 49 Therefore, x = 49 x 3 = 147

What happens to frequency when you double wavelength?

The product of (frequency) times (wavelength) is always the same number. (It happens to be the speed of the wave.) So if one of them doubles, the other one gets decreased by half.

What animals population decreased because of competition?

No one f'in knows

What prefix means deficient or decreased?

The only one I can think of is 'hypo'.