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archaeological site

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Q: What is a number of artifacts found in one place?
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Is there an Out-of-place Artifacts Museum anywhere in the world?

The Harley Davidson Museum is one of the out-of-place museums in the world.

What is the difference between a museum and an exhibition gallery?

A museum is a much more permanent structure containing artifacts. An exhibition gallery is used to display artifacts that are related to each other. The exhibition gallery is moved from one museum to another, much like the artifacts found in King Tut's tomb.

What is an historical source?

a place or source that one may find historical information or artifacts.

How are sites of artifacts and fossils found?

One of the earliest known artifacts in the world are some stone tools left by early human.The ranged from hammer to stone tools was found in the oegon cave and is said to be over 9000 years old!

Are elements found in one place and why not?

any of the elements found only in one place and why not

What was one of the greatest dicoveries they ever made in mespatamia?

OK the thing that i great about what they found was cuneiform and all the ancient artifacts

Which country is One Liberty Place found?

The country that One Liberty Place is found is the US.

What do the archaeologist use to clean and preserve the artifacts they found?

Archaeologists typically use tools like brushes, water, and small picks to carefully clean artifacts. To preserve artifacts, they may use special chemicals like consolidants or sealants to prevent further deterioration. Humidity and temperature control are also important factors in preserving artifacts.

Why is III III famous?

Thutmose III was famous because he was one of Egypts' kings long ago.His tomb was found with all of his "stuff" in it.When it was found with most of his artifacts in it.

What process aids an archaeologist in the study of artifacts?

One process that aids archaeologists in the study of artifacts is stratigraphy, which involves analyzing the layers in which artifacts are found to determine their relative ages. This helps to establish a chronological sequence of events at a particular site. Analysis of artifacts' material composition, style, and context also provides valuable information about past societies and cultures.

Name the ones place in math?

unless the number is a decimal, the number in the one's place is always the last digit. if you are using a decimal number, the one's place is the last number before the decimal. ex: 5,307 the one's place is 7 546.9 the one's place is 6

Where can one find images of Buff Whelan Chevrolet?

Buff Whelan Chevrolet can be found at the Smithsonian institute as most of American artifacts are stored. Buff Whelan manufactured a select number of Chevrolet and therefore the few that remains in the country are at the Smithsonian institute.