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to tell about a number like a story

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Joe borrowed 8000 dollars on a one year note at 13 percent how much will joe owe when the note comes due

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A mathematical expression of a natural law

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Q: What is a number story in math?
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What is a number story that can be solved with division?

A number story is is a math problem in a couple sentences. For you to be able to answer the equation you have to use division

What are math story problems?

Math word problems.

How do you create a geometry math story?

Using Math and words.

How can you make up a math story like a math curse?

you can add your writing skills and think of the things you like about math for example if you like fractions ,adding ,pi etc .start the story like that and add characters to the story

What is a good theme for a math story?

Make up a story that your shopping

Math What number is missing 109.110?

There is not a missing number from the number sequence. This is used in math.

How are math number different then science numbers?

It is not clear why a math number should later (then) become a science number.

How do you found pictograph math?

i want to story about me

What type of math problem should have a mixed number as an answer?

All math problems could if you put the number in the mixed number format.

What is an exact number in math?

A number

What is the median score math?

In a sorted list of number, the median score in math is the number in the middle of the list.

Which word is used to name the bold number in math?

There is not a specific word that is used to bold a number in a math equation. Generally, a number or letter is not bold in a math equation, if a letter is of significance, it is normally capitalized.

What is half of 656?

In math half of the number 656 is the number 328. To determine half of a number in math you can divide the number by two for your answer by longhand or by using a calculator.

Dividend what is it in math?

The dividend is the number to be divided in a math question.

Is there a number that rhymes with math?

No math does not have any rhyming numbers.

What are math experessions?

Math expressions are basically number sentences.

What does a variable represent in math?

any number at all

What is 4.84 -14.6?


What is a proudct in math?

the answer of a number times a number

What is the formula of whole number in business math?

number * 1

What does a line above a number mean in math terms?

The line above the number means in Math Terms that the number is repeditive and goes on and never stops.

How do you solve math 111 story problems?

First you must learn the topics of math 111 story problems so that you can solve them. This was a good website for me to learn the basics.

What is the definition of story problem?

A story problem has different definitions in mathematics. It can be used to describe a math problem that is written out in text instead of mathematical notation, and it can describe a math problem that has its background details explained in text.

Why did they invent math?

They invented math to calculate the number of many objects.

Is 169 a prime number in math?

No because 169 has more than two factors which makes it a composite number in math