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A Monomial;)

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Q: What is a number that is a variable or a product of a number and one or more variables?
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Is a constant a number variable or the product of a number and one or more variables?

A constant is not a variable at all, and none of its factors was a variable. It is constant.

What is an expression that is a number and a variable or a product of a number and one or more variables?

In Algebra a term is either a single number or variable, or numbers and variables multiplied together.

What is a number variable or the product of a number and one more variables raised to whole number powers?

It is the integral power of the number or the product of the number and variable(s). there is no special name.

Is a number a variable or the product of a number and one or more variables raised to whole number powers?

The statement is true only if either the number is 0, or the variables are all raised to the power 0. In no other case can a variable involved.

What does it mean to factor a monomial?

A number, a variable, or a product of a number and one or more variables. Ex: 3xy,x, and 14 are monomials.

Is a variable a monomial?

A monomial is an expression that is either:1) a numeral,2) a variable,or 3) the product of a numeral and one or more variables.A variable can be thought of as the product of the numeral 1 and the variable, thus making it a monomial.

What is a number a variable or the product of a number and one or more varables?


What is definite variable?

There is no such thing as definite variable in mathematics. Some of the variables in mathematics are independent and dependent variables. More variables are usually found in probability textbooks.

What is manipulated variable-?

Manipulated variable is a factor that produces one or more dependable variables.

Which variable do you change?

Independent, it is in the name, more variables are: dependant variable- the one you keep the same control variable- mearsuring variable

List and define the three types of variables used in experiments?

categorical variablesquantitative variablesordinal variablesthere are more common ones like...Controlled/constant variable-Variables that do not change at all!Manipulated/independent variable-Variables that change (intentionally) in order to see their effect on another variable.Responding/depending variable-Is measured quantitatively or qualitatively and is affected by the independent variables.Hope this helps.

Can monomials have negative exponents?

Monomials can have negative exponents, if the term for the exponent is not a variable, but if it is a variable with a negative exponent, the whole expression will not be classified. This is so because the definition of a monomial states that, a monomial can be a product of a number and one or more variables with positive integer exponents. I hope that answered your question!

Is free variable unique or can we have more than one free variables in linear algebra please elaborate?

You can have any number of free variables. If you have m variables and n linear equations then, if m > n, you will have at least (m - n) free variables.

Different types of variables?

In statistics or data management, there are two main types of variables. Each of these types of variables can then be divided into two more types of variables.1. Categorical variableA categorical variable is commonly known as a qualitative variable. Every response can be placed into a category. A response may fit into a specific category (mutually exclusive), or it may fit into a category such as "other" along with other responses (exhaustive). Categorical variables are either nominal or ordinal. A nominal variable is a word that describes a category (i.e. horse, dog, cat) and the order does not matter. An ordinal variable uses categories that have to be placed in an order (i.e. very bad, bad, ok, good, very good).2. Numeric variableA numeric variable is a variable that is expressed by a real number. It is commonly referred to as a quantitative variable. Numeric variables can either be continuous or discrete. A continuous variable is variable that can assume an infinite number of real values (i.e. 2.345....). These variables are often grouped into class intervals. A discrete variable is a variable with a finite number of real values (i.e. shoe size).Grade 12 Data Management class

What does dependent mean in math?

Dependent Variable is the variable that its value depends on the values of one or more independent variables.

What are the variables in a scientific experiment?

There are 3 different variable. The independent variable is what you will be changing in the experiment and there should only be one. The dependent variable is what you will be measuring or observing. The controlled variable is what you will be keeping the same and there can be more than one. There is no limit on how many controlled variables you can have.

Can you have more than one variable in an experiment?

Yes you can, but the more variables you have the more complex the problem becomes.

What is memory variable?

Hard to tell, variables usually are in the memory... be more specific.

What is a Cartesian graph used for?

To illustrate the relationship between one or more dependent variables and a variable (often an independent variable).

How many variables should an experiment test?

Ideally, an experiment should test only one variable (the independent variable) at a time. If you have two or more variables changing at the same time you have no way of knowing which variable is causing your results.

What are joint variation equations?

Joint variation equations are equations that have a variable equal to the product of two or more other variables and usually a coefficient. For example, an equation like x=2yz.

Why is it importaint to controle variables in an experiment?

You need to control the variables because if you have two or more variables in an experiment you will never know which variable caused a change or not caused a change.

What are the variables in a science experiment?

An experiment involves three types of variable.The independent variable is the one you are investigating. It is the one which you deliberately vary in the experiment. You should only have one independent variable.The dependent variable is the variable which you measure to get your results. Often there is only a single dependent variable but there can be more.All other variables must be controlled ie kept constant so they do not change the result. There are usually many control variables in an experiment.

A mathematical phrase that includes one or more variables?

A variable expression.

What is a sentence with one or more variables?

well, an equation with one variable is a one step equation and an equation with more than 2 variables is a multi-step equation

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