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a number to the power of 0 is one. Observe below: 10 to the power 5 = 100000 10 to the power 4= 10000 10 to the power 3 = 1000 10 to the power 2= 100 10 to the power 1 = 10 10 to the power 0 = 1 ______________ Same conclusion, different view:

Any real number (other than zero) to the 0th power equals 1 (one). This is related to the subtraction of exponents being equivalent to division. 10 to the 7th power divided by 10 to the 4th power equals 10 to the 3rd power; you subtract exponents. 10 to the 7th power divided by 10 to the 7th power would of course equal 1, and if you subtract exponents you would have 10 to the 0th power.

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Q: What is a number to the 0th power?
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What is 2 to the 0th power?

2 to the 0th power is 1. So is any other number to the 0th power.

What 9 to the 0 power?

Any number raised to the 0th power is 1.

What is ten to the 0Th power?

1. Any number to the power of zero is equal to one.

What is 6 to the 0 power?

Any real number raised to the 0th power equals 1.

What is one million raised to the 0th power?

Any number raised by the 0th power is equal to 1. This can be proved by the laws of exponents, which state that nx / nx = 1, therefore, nx-x = 1.

If the exponent on a negative number is 0 is the number positive or negative?

Any positive number to the 0th power is one. ex. (51^0 = 1) Any negative number to the 0th power is negative one. ex. (-23^0 = -1) The exception is 0. 0^0 = 0

5 to the 0 power?

Anything to the 0th power is 1

What is 8664.568 times 10 to the 0th power?


Does 15 to the 0th power equal 1?


What is e raised to the 0th power?

e raised to the 0 power is 1

How do write 4.5610 to the 0 power?

1. Anything to 0th power is equal to one.

What is 3 to the 0th power?

zero because.............3 times zero is ZERO

What is the position of the 3 in 1.873?

In the number 1,873, 3 is in 0th place.

What is 0 to the 0th power?

This is physically and mentally impossible to answer or get an answer except for ERROR or N/A. You can try this in a caculator if you want, but it's impossible.

What is 16 times 10 to the 0 power?

Anything to the 0th power is 1. Therefore the question can be rewritten as "what is 16x1." Anything multiplied by 1 remains the same. Thus the answer to what is 16x100 is 16.

What is the metric prefix symbol for 10 to the 0 power?

i don't think there is a metric prefix symbol for 10^0 . 10^0 (said as 10 to the 0th power) = 1 anything to the zero power is equal to 1

What does the error 'Null Pointer Assignment' mean and what causes this error?

Null pointer assignment means assigning a value to 0th location or accessing 0th location which is run time error should be avoided.

What is 10 the the 0 power?

I'm guessing you mean, "What is 10 to the 0th power?"The answer, of course, is the same for 10, as it is for anything else, 1, because numbers greater than 1 to a negative power are less than 1, but greater than 0, and numbers greater than 1 to powers between 0 and 1 are between 1 and that number.

What is the minimum number of nodes in a binary tree of depth k?

if u assign a 0th level to root of binary tree then,the minimum no. of nodes for depth K is k+1.

How many subnets are available in prefix?

It depends on how many bits you are using for the network prefix. The formula is 2n - 2 for the number of subnets available in a prefix, or 2n if you allow the use of the 0th subnet.

What is a rule for raising a negative number into a power number?

The answer depends on the power number. If, for example, the power number is -0.5, then there is no rule in real numbers.

What century was 45BC?

The first century BC. Incidentally, there was no 0th century - BC or AD.

How do you figure out the 0th term in a math sequence?

Calculate the constant difference: e.g. 21,17,13,9,5,1,... The difference is -4. Subtract that difference from the first term. 21 - -4 = 25 The 0th term is 25.

How do you solve a power?

One solves a power by multiplying the base number by itself the number of times that the power number is. For example: 2 to the power of 8= 2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2= 256

What does power of a number mean?

the power of the number is when the number has a little number beside it and the number is multiplied that many times :) :)

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