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The correct answer is "expanded form".

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Answer: Expanded form
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Example: 2,000+300+80+5 is the expanded form of 2,385.
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Expanded form.

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Q: What is a number written as the sum of the values of its digits called?
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Related questions

What is the way of writing a number as the sum of the values of its digits?

They are called the digital roots.

What is the value of the digits in the number 0.303?

The different digits have different values.

What are the place values of the number 7600000000?

Individual digits within a number have place values, not whole numbers.

How do you spell digits?

That is the correct spelling of the plural noun "digits" (number values, or fingers).

When a number is a multiple of 6 What are the possible values for the ones digits?

Any even number.

What are the place values of whole number?

A single digit in a number can have a place value. A number with several digits cannot.

When a number is a multiple of 5 what are the possible values for the 1 digits?

Zero or five.

Why do some numerical values have an unlimited number of significant digits?

Some answers have ongoing digits and therefore have unlimited significant digits. For example, 100/3 is 0.3333333... and the 3s are unlimited. Therefore, the number has an unlimited amount of significant digits.

The two purposes of the digits in any number are to show the?

to show the cardinal and face values

What does product of digits mean?

Mutilply the values of the digits.

A number written as the sum of the values of it's digits?

If it's a one-digit number then any 1-digit number will do (0...9) 2-digits numbers : ab=10a+b=a+b it's not possible unless a=0 For 3-digits: abc=100a+10b+c=a+b+c => 100a+10b = a+b it' not possible unless a=b=0 And so on...

How many place values for pi?

infinite number of digits after the decimal point -- pi does not have a finite value.

When a number is a multiple of 5 what are the possible values of the ones digits?

The one's digit can only be 5 or 0.

How are the values of the red digits in each number related?

They make the numbers invisible to the people at, possibly.

What is a way of writing a number that shows the digits multiply by their place values?

That is the special purpose of the zero didit in numbers, such as 1005.

When a number is a multiple of two what are the possible values of the ones digit?

The possible digits are 0, 2, 4, 6 and 8.

What is the relationship between the values of digits?

knowing the places of where the number is the value of what the digit is whether it be in the millions, thousands, or ones places...

What is the difference between the values of the digits 9 and 8 in the number 1890600?

800000 - 90000 = 710000

How many different values can be represented by 4 binary digits?

24, or 16 (0 through 15) One binary digit (bit) can have 21 values (0 or 1). Two bits can have 22 values. Three bits can have 23 values. A five-bit number can have 25 values... and so on...

What is the place value of 34.07?

Place values can be attributed to individual digits in a number, not to a whole number.34.07 steps per some, undefined, unit of time.

When you the values 3 5 8 12 and 20 and then divide by the number of values the result is 9.5 what is 9.5 called?

When you add the values 3, 5, 8, 12 and 20 and then divide by the number of values, the result is 9.6 This is called the mean, or the average. 9.5 is called "the mistake."

What is the mass in grams for 5 moles of Mg with the correct number of significant digits?

24.305 grams/mole Magnesium X 5 moles = 121.525 grams. The correct number of significant digits depends on the values given in the question. Since there was only one value (5), and it refers to a perfect integer amount (5 moles). The question of the correct number of significant digits is undefined and depends entirely on the number of significant digits available for the Atomic Mass of Magnesium. Since there are 5 significant digits in the Atomic mass used, the answer would be correctly stated as 121.53 grams to 5 significant digits.

Which function divides the sum total by the number of values?

To divide the sum of a data set by the number of values is called the "mean" function of the data set. It is called the AVERAGE function in Excel.

Does a calculator display the exact values of all irrational numbers?

No. An irrational number is one that does not repeat or finish, and a calculator cannot display millions of digits like an irrational number would have.

600 plus 50 plus 3 is said to be written in?

This is called expanded form - where each of the place values is added together individually to create a whole number.

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