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It is still a number.

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Q: What is a number written using numerals and words?
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What is the name of the variable that describes data using words or numerals as labels?


How do you write a number as a numeral?

Numbers written as words: one, three five, ten, twenty-seven Numbers written as numerals: 1, 3, 5, 10, 27

What does written form mean in math?

Written form means you have to write your answer in words, not numerals: ten, not 10.

Is there more words than numbers or more words?

No there actually more combinations that we can make with numbers than letters. That's not actually true, since there are more letters than numerals, but every combination of numerals is a number and there are an infinite number of them, whereas, not all combinations of letters actually make words--there is only a finite number of words.

How do you know when you have written a thousand words?

If writing by hand - count the number of words on one line - then multiply the number of lines by that first number. If using a computer - most word-processing programs have a word-count function in them.

A number written using digits?

Most people prefer to write numbers using digits since this is far shorter than writing out the relevant words.

How are the words the Roman Colosseum translated in Roman numerals?

Roman numerals represent numbers, they do not represent words.

What is useful to decide when to use numerals or words to represent numbers in a sentence?

If the number is below ten, then you would use words to represent the numbers, when they are above ten, you use the number (:

Can 7700 be written 77 hundred?

In terms of writing style, it looks and sounds better to use either all numerals or all words, so it is either 7700 or it is seventy seven hundred. Mixing numerals and words is a bit awkward.

Foreign words are written by using what?


What is 1.15 trillion written out?

In numerals : 1,150,000,000,000 In words: one trillion, one hundred fifty billion

What is a number in standard form?

a number written down in words

How many English words can you make using only the letters from the roman numeral alphabet?

None. There are no vowels among the Roman Numerals.

The Roman numerals for the word Latinos?

Roman numerals were a system of writing numbers, not words.

What is a number written out in words called?


What is definition of line in math?

a straight or curved continuous extent of length without breadth.

Why must you write the amount of a check in both numerals and words?

The use of words as well as numerals presumably makes it harder to alter a check.

How do you write 400 in words?

The number 400 is written in words as four hundred.

What is the proper way to write numerals in a letter?

The answer depends on who you are writing to. Generally, small numbers (1-digit) should be written in words. Larger numbers should be rounded to a sensible degree - unless the letter requires the exact number - for example, a letter to a bank! In very formal settings you should give the number in both, words and numeral form.

What is a math verbal model?

A math verbal model is when a mathematical model is completely written out in words instead of numerals. There are also no graphs, formulas, or tables as they are simply written out like sentences.

How do you type numbers on Fantage?

u just type ur number in words only u cant use numerals srry

Write the number forty-seven thousand with words instead of digits?

You just have written it in words. In digits, it is written 47,000.

What is 126.31 written in words?

The number 126.31 written in words is one hundred twenty six and thirty one hundredths.

What is the number 500000000 written in words?

Half a billion.

How is the number 99 written in words?