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to represent different coins

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Q: What is a penny smaller than a dime worth?
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Is there a coin smaller than a penny?

a dime

Is a dime larger or smaller than a penny?

very small compared to a dime.

Is a dime bigger than a penny?

The dime has a greater value in trade, and greater purchasing power, but the coin is physically smaller than the penny.

What is smaller than a penny a nickel a dime a quarter or a half dollar?

A grain of sand is smaller than those things.

What is 1920 gold penny worth?

Pennies have never been made of gold. If they would they would be way smaller than dime. A 1920 penny would have been made of mostly copper.

How is a dime different than nickel?

A dime is smaller than a nickel. A nickel is worth less than a dime. A dime has a ridged side, while a nickel is smooth and thicker.

How much is a dime which is smaller than the regular dime worth Canadian?

It would depend on the year and condition.

Is a dime that says 200 d and is smaller than aregular dime and has an edge like a penny worth anything?

Yes is is. At minimun 10 cents if it is genuine. Beyond that it all depends on what someone else is willing to pay for it. That is about the best I can do.

What has a greater mass a penny or a dime?

A penny weighs more than a dime. Current US Penny: 2.500 grams Current US Dime: 2.268 grams

What is the value of a 1978 silver penny?

The US has never made and never will make silver pennies. If a penny was silver it would be worth more than a dime.

Why is the penny and nickel bigger than the dime?

a nickel is not bigger than a penny its the same size

How much is a 3 pound coffee can full of coins worth?

It is really impossible to say due to the fact that other than the dime, quarter and half dollar (along with the large sized dollars) the rest of the coins aren't proportional with their values and weights. For example, a nickel weighs substantially more than a dime, but yet is worth less. Similarly, a penny weighs more than a dime if it is copper but yet it is worth 1/10th of a dime.

Why is a dime smaller than a penny?

Originally, a cent had 1 cent's worth of copper, a nickel 5 cents' worth of nickel, and a dime 10 cents' worth of silver. Because the same weight of each metal was worth a different amount, the coins' sizes had to be different in order to match weights and values. For example, silver was (and still is) worth a lot more per ounce than copper, so a dime could have a lot less metal in it but be worth far more than a copper cent. Even though the monetary value of coins no longer represents the value of their metal content, the traditional sizes are maintained.

What is the value of a gold 1996 liberty dime?

It's called a Roosevelt dime rather than a liberty dime, and it's worth 10 cents for the copper-nickel coin underneath and about a penny or 2 for the gold plating. The US never minted gold dimes - they'd be worth A LOT more than 10 cents, after all!

What was 1 cent worth in 1896?

In 1896 a penny was worth a penny. If you have a penny dated 1896 then it is worth more than that.

How big is 0.31 on a ruler?

smaller than a dime

What is the value of a 1936 silver penny?

The U.S. never minted a silver penny. For starters, it would be worth more than a dime! Your coin was plated for use in jewelry or something similar. That makes it an altered coin worth face value only.

How much is a 1946 silver penny?

The U.S. never minted a silver penny. For starters, it would be worth more than a dime! Your coin was plated for use in jewelry or something similar. That makes it an altered coin worth face value only.

How much is a 2000 US silver penny worth?

The US has never made silver pennies. If they did they would be worth more than a dime! Your penny is probably silver plated and is used for jewelry or other decorations. It has no collector value and is no longer spendable.

Is 1.8 cm smaller than a penny?

Yes, a little bit smaller. A penny is 1.905 cm diameter

What does a circulated penny look like?

Well as we all know a penny is copper colored and is a little bigger than a dime.

How much is a 1948 penny worth It doesnt have a letter under the date?

Less than a dime, in average condition. Cents without mint marks are minted in Philadelphia.

How many wheels does a penny farthings have?

Two wheels on a Penny Farthing: the front one is larger than the back one in proportions similar to the former currency items penny and farthing, which was only worth a quarter of a penny and was much smaller.

How much is a penny farthing1944 worth?

A 1944 farthing* in average condition sells for less than a dollar. (*) Note : A "penny farthing" is a type of bicycle. A farthing is 1/4 of a penny, so the terms do not go together (e.g. you would not say "a dime quarter")

1941 silver wheat penny?

Wheat pennies or any other US pennies were ever made of silver. They would be worth more than a dime if they were made of silver. A regular 1941 wheat penny is worth around 3-7 cents in circulated condition.