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Anything from 51% to 74%.

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Q: What is a percentage between one half and three fourth?
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What is between one fourth and three fourths?

One half.

What fraction is between one half and one fourth?

A fraction between one half (1/2) and one fourth (1/4) is three eights (3/8).

how many three-fourth in four and a half?

4.5 / .75 = 6

What is two and one half plus one and one-fourth?

it is three and three fourths

What is one-half plus one-fourth?

Three quarters.

If husband is one half sicilian and one half napeltano and wife is three fourths sicilian and one fourth napletano what percentage are the children of each?

Sicilian 125% Napletano 75%

What is half of three fourth pounds?

three eigths or 3/8

How many tablespoons is one and three fourth ounces?

Three and a half.

What is two and a half plus three fourths?

three and one fourth

One-half plus one-fourth?

Three quarters. One half is the same as two fourths.

How many one half are there in three fourth?


How do you add one fourth plus one half?

One half is two fourths, add one fourth makes three fourths I call that three quarters.

What is the least to greatest fractions one half or three fifth or one fourth?

From least to greatest: one fourth, one half, and three fifths. I hope this helped!

What numbers are between fourth and half?


What fraction is exactly halfway between one half and one fourth?

3/8 is exactly halfway between one half and one fourth

What is half of three and three fourth cups?

1 and 7/8 cups.

What is one half added to one fourth?

Three fourths

What is three fourth - one and a half?


What is ten and one half subtract eight three fourth?

One and three quarters

What is five and three fourth minus three and one half?

2 1/4

Is 5 ml equal to one fourth one half three fourths?

Yes. One fourth of 20 mL One half of 10 mL and three fourths of 6.66... mL.

Half of three fourth?

3/4 /2 = 3/8

How much is 1 half Added to 1 fourth?


What is three fourths take away one fourth?

one half

Is three fourth teaspoon more than half teaspoon?

Yes, it is.