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A perfect number equals the sum of its proper divisors.

A deficient number is greater than the sum of its proper divisors.

An abundant number is less than the sum of its proper divisors.

Proper divisors of a number do not include the number itself.

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Q: What is a perfect Abundant Or dificient number?
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Is 60 an abundant number or a perfect number?

60 is abundant.

Is 12 a perfect number?

No, 12 is not a perfect number. It is abundant.

Is the number 20 deficient perfect or abundant?


Is 100 a deficient or abundant or perfect number?


Is 18 abundant or deficient or perfect number?

18 is abundant

Is 15 a abundant deficient or perfect number?


Are all multiples of abundant numbers abundant?

Yes, this is well known. All integral multiples of any perfect, or abundant number must be an abundant number.

Is 26 a dificient number?


Is the number 25 abundant deficient or perfect number?

It's deficient

Is 8128 a abundant deficient or perfect number?

abundant since sum of divisors is 16256

Is 84 abundant or perfect number?


Is 18 a perfect number?

No 18 is not. It is a abundant number.

Is number one a deficient perfect or abundant number?

One is deficent

Is 28 a perfect abundant or deficient number?

it is perfect i believe the factors are 1,2,4,7,and 14

Is 29 a perfect abundant or deficient number?

It is deficient.

Is 20 an abundant deficient or perfect number?


Is 35 a abundant deficient or perfect number?


Is 81 a perfect number or a abundant or deficient?

it is defenciant

Is the number 47 a dificient number?

Yes. All prime numbers are deficient.

Is the number 74 abundant deficient or perfect?

74 is deficient.

Is 36 a abundant deficient or perfect number?

36 is a deficient

Is the number 52 abundant or deficient or perfect?

52 is deficient.

Is 50 a abundant deficient or perfEct number?

prfct nmbr

Do you add the number itself to make it abundant?

You cannot make a number abundant. Being abundant is an inherent property of a number that cannot be changed. To work out if a number is abundant, you take all of its factors (apart from itself) and add them up. If the total is less than the original number it is deficient. If it is equal then it is perfect. If the total is greater than the original number, then it is abundant.

What is an abundant number and a deficient number and a perfect number whose sum is 23?

12 + 5 + 6