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A perpetual calendar is the type of calendar that can be adjusted for any year. This type of calendar can be reused each year.

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Q: What is a perpetual calendar?
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What has the author Charles R Genovese written?

Charles R. Genovese has written: 'The perpetual calendar' -- subject(s): Calendar reform, Calendar, Perpetual calendars, History 'The Perpetual Calendar-13 Months'

How do you find out what day of the week was Feb 24 1950?

You need a perpetual calendar. Google perpetual calendar.

Where can one buy a perpetual calendar?

You can buy perpetual calendar anywhere by using online shopping. there are many online shops available.

How do you find the day if the date is given?

You can use a perpetual calendar

What is a Wittnauer 2000 Perpetual Calendar men's watch worth?

over 9000

What is the price of a Citizen Perpetual Calendar watch?

A Citizen perpetual calendar watch is a expensive watch. This watch can have the price from 190 dollars to 900 dollars. If a person want to find a cheapest Citizen perpetual calendar watch, then that person will be able to find the cheapest ones on Amazon.

Where could one purchase a Timex Perpetual Calendar?

A Timex alarm clock can be bought online from Sears, Overstock, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Bed Bath and Beyond, Best Buy, Future Shop, Radio Shack and Target.

What day was August 1 1958?

From a perpetual calendar: August 1, 1958 was on Friday.

How many calendars would it take to make a perpetual calendar?

14 (according to trivial persuit)

What day of the week was May 11th 1939?

From a perpetual calendar: May 11, 1939 was on a Thursday.

What day of the week was April 3 1954?

From a US perpetual calendar: April 3,1954 was on Saturday.