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2 is the only even Prime number.

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Q: What is a pime number theat is even?
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Is 116 a pime number yes or no?


Is 36 a pime number?

36 is not a prime number

Is 93 a pime or composite number?

It is composite

Is 53 pime?

53 is a prime number.

Is 101 a pime number?

YES. 101 is a prime number.

Is 11 a pime number or a composite number?

11 is prime.

Is 81 a pime number?

no it is no6t a prime 65 number

Is 98 a pime number?

No. Any number that ends with 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 is an even number; all even numbers are divisible by 2; so none of them (except for 2 itself) can be a prime number.

Is it possible that 2 consecutive whole numbers can be prime numbers?

Yes 2 & 3 no others because 1 number will always be even and 2 is the only even pime

Is 30 a pime number?

No because it has more than two factors

What are the pime factors of 14?

2 & 7 are the pime factors of 14.

Is 53 composite number?

No because 53 is a pime number having only two factors which are itself and one.