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well, theres at least 2 one that's veryy old and one that's not that old, the old ong is the grumman goose (might not be right way to spell it) and the de havialled beaver (cant really spell it either) sorry about the mis-spelling im in a hurry i hope it worked

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German Haag

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โˆ™ 2022-10-07 14:47:00
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Q: What is a plane that lands on water called?
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What happens if an plane crash lands on water?

IT will eventually sink

What is the place were a plane lands called?

Airport or the landing strip.

Is there a plane boat car invented yet?

Yes, they are called amphibians. They can't fly though. I don't think theres anything with both. A water plane (the one that lands on water) is closest to what your asking for. thanks

How does plane land?

The plane lands by gracefully falling out of the sky.

How does a passenger disembark from a plane?

They walk down the stairs of the plane when it lands!!

What is a plane that takes off from water called?


What do you call the place where a plane lands?

An airstrip

Where is the plane at the airport?

If you mean where is a plane stored after it lands, they are usually stored in a hangar.

When you poo in the airplane where does it go?

It is stored in a container on the plane. When the plane lands the container is emptied.

How fast is a plane when it lands?

ya mlaku bloggg

What are the planes that can take off from water?

sea planes take off and land on water.from:KIKI_LOV3dude that is way wrong its an amphibian look it up in third meaningit said aircraft that lands on land and water is an amphibian even my tutor knows thatyeah so do i but an amphibian can land on water and on land it has both skids and landing gear the question was what plane lands on water which is a sea plane.

What happens to wee and poo on plane?

They have tanks and such to store your excrement, and when the plane lands, they empty these tanks.

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