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7a minus 2, if "3a-2" means 3a minus 2. 3a plus 1 and 1-3rd in parenthesis times 3a, if "3a-2" means 3a squared. a plus 3a squared plus 3a = 1-3rd times 3a plus 3a times 3a plus 1 times 3a = 3a plus 1 and 1-3rd in parenthesis times 3a

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Q: What is a plus 3a-2 plus 3a simplified?
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What is 3a2 plus 16a plus 5?

3a2+16a+5 = (3a+1)(a+5) when factored

What is The simplified form of (3a2 - 5ab plus c2) plus (-2a2 plus 10ab plus 6c2)?

What is The simplified form of (3a2 - 5ab plus c2) plus (-2a2 plus 10ab plus 6c2)

What is 3a2 plus 4a-4?

(a + 2)(3a - 2)

How do you factorise 3a2 plus 9a?

It is 3a(a+3) when factored

How do you factor 3a2-16a plus 5?

3a2 - 16a + 5 = 3a2 - 15a - a + 5 = 3a(a -5) - 1(a -5) = (3a - 1)(a - 5)

What is 3a x a?


What is a plus a plus a simplified?


What is 3a multiplied by a?

It is 3a^2 which means 3a squared

What is 2a to the power of 2 plus 3a to the power of 2?

2a2+3a2 = 5a2

What does 3A times an equal?

It is: 3A2

What is 6 - 3a2 plus 7 plus 4a - 5a plus 18?

6-3a**2+7+4a-5a+18 3a**2-1a+31

3a(a plus 4)-2a plus 7?

It can be simplified to: 3a^2 +10a+7 or factored as (3a+7)(a+1)

(4a-5) plus (3a plus 6)?

It is: 7a+1 when simplified

What is the answer to 3a plus 24b plus 4c?

It cannot be simplified any further so it is: 3a + 24b + 4c

Factor 3a2 -3a - 36?

3(a + 3)(a - 4)

What is 3a plus 2b-4a plus b?

The given expression can be simplified to: 3b-a

What is 3a 7a simplified?

It is: 3a+7a = 10a simplified

What is the greatest common factor of 3a2 - 3a - 60?

The GCF is 3.

What is 15 minus a plus 9b - 11 plus 3a- b?

When simplified it is: 2a+8b+4

2 plus 3a plus 9a?

It is: 12a+2 when simplified

What is answer to 27a-18b plus 9c?

It is an expression that can be simplified to: 3a-2b+c

How do you factor 3a2 10ab 3b2?

Assuming the missing signs are pluses, that factors to (3a + b)(a + 3b)

What is 3ax3ax2a?

If you mean 3a*3a*2a then it is 18a^3 when simplified

What is 3a plus b?

It is simply as stated in the question. Without information about a or b, the expression cannot be simplified nor evaluated.

What is 3a2 plus 9?


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