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A positive minus a negative is a positive.

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Q: What is a poitive minus a negative?
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Is earth on Toyota Corolla positive or negative?


Negative divided by a poitive?

The answer of a negative number multiplied by (or divided by) a positive number will be a negative number.

How is the process of dividing intergers similar to the process of multiplying intergers?

integers are negative and poitive numbers you can multipy and divide poitive numbers but you can't divide negative numbers because you can't have negitve divded by a other number

All poitive numbers have two square roots a positive and as negative and why?

This is because if you multiply two negative numbers you get positive.

Is a 1950 ford sedan battery a positive or a negative ground?

originally 6v poitive ground

What is plus times a minus?

Positive (Plus) times Negative (Minus) always equals a negative (minus).

Why does your hair crackle when combed on a dry day?

protons beings shared that means that if they touch they are expersing sparks and negative and poitive are touching. this is a negative touch

What is negative 300 minus 150?


The quotient of a negative integer and a positive integer is?

The quotient of a positive integer by a negative is always negative. Say this to yourself a couple times: "MULTIPLICATION: minus times minus is plus (negative x negative = positive).....minus times plus is minus (negative x positive = negative) times plus is plus (positive x positive = positive) DIVISION: minus divi minus is plus (negative ÷ negative = positive)......minus divi plus is minus (negative ÷ positive = negative) divi plus is plus (positive ÷ positive = positive)"

What is negative seven minus negative four minus eight?


What is the only real number that is its own opposite?

o is its own opposite because it doesnt have a poitive and negative counterpart. cha cha

What is negative minus positive?

A negative minus a positive is a negative. i.e -1-(+1)= -2