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Q: What is a polygon with more than four sides?
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What is the name of a group of shapes that have more than four sides?


What is a shape that has more than four sides called?

It is called a 'polygon'.

What has more than 4 equal corner?

Any regular polygon with more than 4 sides with have all its corners (vertices) equal. Furthermore, an irregrular polygon with more than four sides can always have four equal vertices.

What polygon has more sides than a triangle but fewer sides than a pentagon?

A quadrilateral or a four sided shape

What polygon has more than four sides?

a pentagon, hexagon, octogon,e.c.t.

What two plane figures have more than four sides or fewer than four vertices's?

A polygon may have many more than four sides, a triangle has only three vertices.

What is a polygon that has more than four sides?

How about: pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon .... etc

What shape has four congruent sides an 4 right angles?

A square always has, and any polygon with more than four sides can have.

Does a cube have more sides than a polygon?

" A polygon is a closed figure bounded by three or more than three sides." A cube has twelve sides whereas a polygon has more than two sides. Since it is not mentioned which polygon we are talking about we can't tell if cube has more sides.

Which polygon has one pair of parallel lines?

-- A trapezoid always has.-- Any polygon with more than four sides can have, but doesn't always.

What polygon has four side and one right angle and only one pair of its sides are parallel?

Sorry, you either have more than one right angle or more than four sides.

How many more sides does a polygon have than a octagon?

an octagon is a polygon. an octagon has 8 sides. a polygon is a shape with closed sides.