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Q: What is a polyhedron that has a base of a triangle?
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What polyhedron has a base of a triangle?

A tetrahedron, a triangle based pyramid, an octahedron, an icosahedron plus many more.

What is a polyhedron with 4 equilateral triangle faces?

Tetrahedron - a pyramid with a triangular base.

Is a triangle a polyhedron?

A triangle is not a polyhedron. A triangle is a two-dimensional figure, and a polyhedron is a three-dimensional solid. An example of a triangular-shaped polyhedron is a pyramid.

What is the regular polyhedron?

A regular polyhedron has equal size faces as in the case of a tetrahedron which is a triangular base pyramid that has 4 equilateral triangle faces.

What polyhedron have a polygon for a base and triangle sides with a common vertex?

A pyramid seems to fit the description.

What is the base of the triangle in polyhedron?

A polyhedron is a 3-dimensional object comprising a space enclosed by a number of polygons. In general, these polygons are called faces: in some polyhedra they are also called bases. They may or may not be triangular. A pentagonal prism, for example, has no triangle face and so no triangular base.

What polyhedron that 8 faces and the faces shape is equilateral triangle?

The answer is a polyhedron

One face of a polyhedron is a triangle what are two types of polyhedron?

square and hexagon

Which polyhedron is composed of triangle and rectangles only?

it is a triangle prism

Is the base on a polyhedron considered a face?

Yes. A base on a polyhedron is a face and a base on a polygon is a side.

Is an isosceles triangle a polyhedron?


When one of the faces of a polyhedron is a triangle?