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i think its allec a polygobn

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Q: What is a polyhedron with 4 faces that are not equilateral called?
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What is a polyhedron that has 4 equilateral triangle faces?


What is the regular polyhedron?

A regular polyhedron has equal size faces as in the case of a tetrahedron which is a triangular base pyramid that has 4 equilateral triangle faces.

What is a polyhedron with 4 equilateral triangle faces?

Tetrahedron - a pyramid with a triangular base.

What is a polyhedron with five faces and a square base called?

A polyhedron can have any number of faces 4 or higher.

What is a polyhedron with 4 faces called?


Shape has 4 faces its a polygon each face is an equilateral triangle?

The figure described is a polyhedron. It is a tetrahedron known as a triangular pyramid.

What is a polyhedron that has two congruent faces called?

A polyhedron that has 2 congruent faces is a PRISM. To be a prism, all the other sides (not including the 2 that are congruent) have to be 4-sided.

Is a regular polyhedron a pyramid?

There are five regular polyhedra, also known as the Platonic solids. They are three-dimensional shapes where all of the faces are made up of the same regular polygon.They are:Tetrahedron with four faces (this one is like a pyramid, but with an equilateral triangle for the base and all of the faces)Cube with six faces (all squares)Octahedron with eight faces (all equilateral triangles)Dodecahedron with 12 faces (all regular pentagons)Icosahedron with 20 faces (all equilateral triangles)A square pyramid (like the Egyptian pyramids) is not a regular polyhedron, because it has two different types of regular polygons for faces.

What is the least number of faces that a polyhedron can have?


Is it true that a polygedron has 4 faces?

If you mean a polyhedron then it is true that it can have 4 or more faces

Can a polyhedron have 4 triangles for its faces?

Yes: the tetrahedron.

How many faces does a 3d polygon have?

The 3-d equivalent of a polygon is called a polyhedron. A polyhedron can have 4 or more faces. Cutting off a section of the polyhedron near a vertex adds another face. And it adds at least two more vertices (at least three new, but one lost), so you can keep adding faces.