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When you subtract the smaller number from the larger number in the problem. The answer should always be positive.

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Positive difference

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Q: What is a positive difference in math terms?
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What does difference mean in math terms?

difference means an answer to a subraction problem.

What does greater than zero mean in math terms?

a positive number

What is the difference in math terms?

Difference is a subtraction word. What is the difference between 5 and 2 = 3

What does the difference of mean in math terms?

The difference means to subtract the two numbers provided.

What does difference mean?

In math terms difference means to subtract. :)not the same not the same

What you the math terms for j?

A unit vector in the positive direction of the y-axis.

What does less mean in math terms?

In mathematical terms, a number x is less than y if y - x is positive.

What is difference in math terms?

It means subtraction. Example: What is the difference of 9 and 5? 9-5=4 The difference (or answer) is 4!

What does net change mean in math terms?

when you are finished with everything what is the difference from where you started to when you ended

How can you determine whether the arithmetic sequence has a positive common difference or a negative common difference?

If the terms get bigger as you go along, the common difference is positive. If they get smaller, the common difference is negative and if they stay the same then the common difference is 0.

What are the 2 or more numbers called that you subtract to get the difference?

Minuend - Subtrahend = Difference. See related link for these and more Math Terms.

What is a range in math terms?

The range of a group of numbers is the difference between the highest and lowest numbers

What does principal mean in math terms?

principal(in terms of math)- the amount you borrow or deposit

What is does difference mean in math terms?

difference is always subtraction. Example: The difference between 7 and 4 is 3. that word problem would be written: 7 - 4 = 3

What does 'pi' mean in math terms?

In math terms, pi, means 3.14, which is a everlasting decimal, that is just rounded to make your math easier. So pi, means 3.14 in math terms.

What does range mean in math terms?

In a set of numbers, the range is the difference between the highest and lowest numbers in the set.

What kind of sequence is the difference between every pair of consecutive terms in the sequence is the same?

in math ,algebra, arithmetic

What is the relationship between a math term and a math expression?

A math expression is a collection of math terms

Positive numbers Math terms?

It means that the number is greater than zero - or further to the right on the number line, the way it is commonly displayed.

What is a comparison in math terms?

A comparison in math terms is when you see if two problems are equal to each other.

What does different mean in math terms?

It means minus. Example... What is the difference between 7 and 4? Answer.... 3

Are there any math terms that start with d?

divisor, dividend, divide, denominator, degree, dodecahedron, diameter, difference, double

Why is First In Math a thing?

First In Math helps children practice, gain math skills and have a positive math experience.

What is the difference between potential difference and potential drop?

There is no difference between potential difference and potential drop. Both terms refer to the difference in voltage (i.e. potential) across a component. Depending on how you look at it, both terms can refer to positive or negative differences, i.e. drop, for instance, can be negative, implying a rise.

What does outcome mean in math terms?

in math terms, specifically statistics, the outcome is the results expressed as part of the total.