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On earth, 100 kg of mass weighs 980 newtons (220.46 pounds).

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Q: What is a probe weight on earth if the probe has a mass of 100 kg?
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What happens to the weight and mass of an object when the object is moved from earth to mars?

The mass always stays the same, but because gravity is 38% of Earth, weight is only 38 pounds for every 100 pounds on earth.

What is the weight on earth of a object with a mass of 100 G?

1 kg

How convert mass to weight?

You convert mass to weight by multiplying by the local acceleration due to gravity ...f = ma... where f is the force in newtons, mass is the mass in kilograms and a is the acceleration in meters per second squared. For the Earth, a is 9.81, so a mass of 100 kg has a weight of 981 newtons.It is "common" though erroneous to say that the "weight" of the 100 kg object is 100 kg. It is precisely correct to say the weight is 981 newtons, on the Earth, but we generally accept the implicit conversion for G=9.81 in the statement that the weight is 100 kg, just not on a physics test.

What weight is 100 kg on Venus?

100 kg of mass weighs 220.46 pounds on earth, and 200.22pounds on Venus.

What is the difference between a person's weight on the earth and on the moon?

The difference between a person's weight on the earth and on the moon has to due with the difference between mass and weight. Mass is a measure of the amount of matter and weight is the pull of gravity on that mass. Gravity on the moon is about 83% that on earth, so if you weigh 100 lbs on earth, you will weigh approximately 17 lbs on the moon.

If your mass is 45 kg which is about 100 pounds on Earth what will be your mass on Jupiter?

45 kg. The same. Your mass doesn't change on which planet you're on, but your weight does.

Why your weigt increases on other planet?

Your mass stays the same but your weight is different because it is the force that the planet's mass attracts your mass with. So if you are on a small planet your weight is less. A body with 100 pounds mass has a weight of 100 pounds on the Earth but only 17 pounds on the Moon, and zero pounds in space.

What does 1 newton equal to the weight of an object that has?

one newton is equal to the weight of an object that has a mass of 100 g on Earth

How much do you weigh on the moom?

About 1/6 of what you weigh on Earth. For example, if you have a mass of 60 kg, on Earth you weight about 600 N, while on the Moon you would weight about 100 N.

If two objects have the same mass do they have the same weight?

No, mass is constant all over the earth and everywhere beyond that. Weight on the other hand is a function of mass which depends on the strength of the gravitational pull on the object. Since the gravitational pull from earth isn't constant, but is dependant on what position you are relative to its core, your weight can vary (though its unlikely to be a marked difference).

What is 100 newtons converted to kgs?

It depends on what planet you are in. If you are talking about the 100 Newton weight on Earth, then the mass is 100 / 9.81 = 10.19 kgThe formula isWeight(N) = Mass(kg) / acceleration due to gravity(m s-2)The value of the acceleration dude to gravity depends on the planet you are in, and that obviously affects the weight. Mass is constant anywhere. On Earth, the acceleration is 9.81 m s-2.

How much does a 100 kg mass weigh on the moon?

The gravity acceleration on the moon is 16 that on earth. Erath gravity is 9.8 m/sec/sec and n moon is 1.63 m/sec/sec Weight on earth is 9.8 x 100 = 980 Newtons Weight on moon is 1.63 x 100 = 163 Newtons Do not confuse mass with weight - mass is the same (100kg) but weight is different Weight = mass x acceleration of gravity