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It is one of two kinds of unit ratios (the other has numerator = 1).

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Q: What is a proportion with a denominator of 1?
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What are the first and last numbers in a proportion?


How are percents and porportions alike?

A percent is a proportion based on a denominator of 100.

A fraction in which the numorator and denominator represent the same amount but are in different units?


How does proportional reasoning relate to percent?

A percent is a proportion with the denominator equalling 100.

Product of the numerator of one ratio in a proportion and the denominator of the other ratio?

cross product

What is a fraction called that has the numerator or denominator or both?

Proper fraction - A proper fraction is a fraction where the numerator (the top number) is less that the denominator (the bottom number). Proportion - An equation stating that two ratios are equivalent is called a proportion.

When you multiply each numerator of a fraction by the denominator of another fraction in a proportion you?

You get the same answer both times.

Denominator of 127?

If that's 127, the denominator is 1. If that's 1/27, the denominator is 27.

What is the denominator for 3882?

The least denominator is 1.

What is the denominator of 117?

Denominator of 117 is 1

What is the denominator of 12?

The denominator of 12 is 1.

Which is the denominator of 46?

1 any whole number has a denominator of 1

What is the Proportion of a rectangular table top to base?

The proportion is 1.

The least of denominator 58?

The least denominator is 1.

What is the denominator of 510100 Math?

The least denominator is 1.

What is the numerator and denominator of 1 over 7?

The numerator is 1 and the denominator is 7.

What is proportion of m30 grade concrete?

proportion of M30 Grade of concreete is 1 :.5 :1 .

Proportion between 16 and 4?

It is: 4 to 1

What is the the value of -1 as denominator?

-1 as a denominator changes the sign of the fractions. 1/-2 is the same as -(1/2).

When the gcf of the denominator is 1?

When the GCF of the numerator and denominator is 1, the fraction is in its simplest form.

How do you find a ratio with a denominator of 1?

You divide the numerator by the denominator.

What is the best common denominator?

The best common denominator is 1

What is the denominator of 20?

1. 20 as a fraction reads 20/1, so the denominator would be 1.

Why does the numerator change in a fraction?

It does not change. If the numerator changes then, unless the denominator changes in the same proportion, the fraction is no longer the same.

What is the answer with the same numerator and the same denominator?

The same numerator as which numerator and the same denominator as which denominator?