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A tessellation is the laying out of one or more convex polygons over a certain amount of space without gaps. A pure tessellation is a tessellation in which only one shape is applied to cover an area.

A tessellation is a design that covers a plane with no gaps and no overlaps.A pure tessellation is one that uses only one shape

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Q: What is a pure tessellation?
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Related questions

Can a regular octagon generate a pure tessellation?

false, there would be gaps.

What shape makes a pure tessellation?

A square, rectangle, equilateral triangle are some examples.

What shapes make a pure tessellation?

Triangles, Hexagons and Squares. I am not a math professor or a college student, but I'm pretty sure that there are some more irregular shapes out there that will form a tessellation.

What is the name of this regular tessellation and why?

Non-visible tessellation or non-existent tessellation, perhaps.

What tessellation is formed by using regular polygons?

A regular tessellation or semi-regular tessellation or none.

Is a triangle a tessellation?

Yes it is a tessellation.

A tessellation that uses more than one kind of regular polygon is called an tessellation?

A tessellation that uses more than one kind of regular polygon is called a semi-regular tessellation.

Who drew the mirror tessellation?

How to Make a Tessellation?

What is a semi- regular tessellation?

Semi-regular tessellation is a tessellation of the plane by 2 or more different convex regular polygons. A semi-regular tessellation combines two or more regular polygons. Each semi-regular tessellation has a tupelo, which designates what kind of regular polygon is used.

Is the quadrilateral tessellation a regular tessellation?

Only if the quadrilateral is a square.

What is a fundamental region in a tessellation?

The fundamental region of a tessellation is the figure that is being copied.

What is used in the art of tessellation?

Tessellation is a art of mathematics that has to do with a cube that has 4 sides. Tessellation is practice of finding out all the mathematical properties of a cube.

How do you make a tessellation using 4 animals tessellation?

I would have though t that it is against the law to use animals for tessellation!I would have though t that it is against the law to use animals for tessellation!I would have though t that it is against the law to use animals for tessellation!I would have though t that it is against the law to use animals for tessellation!

Can a quadrant be tessellation?

No. The shapes used for tessellation must be finite. A quadrant is not finite.

Is the quadrilateral tessellation a regualr tessellation?

No, it is not because a quadrilateral is generally not a regular polygon.

Can a tessellation be 3D?

Yes they can. One interesting one is called a Honeycomb tessellation.

What is the difference between a regular tessellation and a semi-regular tessellation?

look it upp

How is tessellation useful?

a tessellation is useful when you are making rugs or even tile patterns

What is a tessellation formed by only one type of regular polygon?

It is a regular tessellation.

What shapes and patterns were commonly used for tessellation?

commonly used tessellation shapes

Does the tessellation have eight different types of tessellation?

No, there are infinitely many types of tessellations.

What is the difference between a tessellation and a regular tessellation?

A regular tessellation is a tessellation composed entirely of congruent polygons - meaning that ALL shapes in the tessellation are the same. Only 3 regular tessellations exist: equilateral triangles, regular hexagons, and squares. A tessellation is any pattern of shapes which can be repeated infinitely throughout a plane without leaving any "spaces" between the connected patterns and also without any of the shapes overlapping each other.

What is a regualr tessellation?

A regular tessellation is when polygons are joined together leaving no gaps or overlaps

How can you determine if a tessellation is a reptile?

It is rep-tile if all the tiles used for the tessellation are congruent.

If a tessellation is regular how many sides can the regular tessellation have?

It can have 3, 4 or 6 sides.