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One half

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Q: What is a quarter add a quarter?
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What is 8 and one quarter add 8 and a half?

8 and one quarter add 8 and a half = 16

What is one and a half add three-quarter?

It is 2 and 1/4 or 2.25

What add up to a quarter?

Two eighths.

What is a half add a quarter?


Divide 800 by a quarter and add 10?


What is two sixths add a quarter?


What is the answer to one quarter add one half?


What is one and a half add one quarter?


What two coins add up to 35 cents?

A quarter and a dime

What is a half add quarter?

It is three quarters or 75%.

What is 5 eighths add 1 quarter?


How many times does 3 quarter cups go into 2 and a half cups?

3 times then add another 1 quarter cup.

How do you say quarter past in frnch?

You simply add "et quart" (pronounce [eh kar]) after the hour from which the quarter is past. "et quart" literally means "and a quarter".Hence "a quarter past ten" becomes "dix heures et quart" ("ten hours and a quarter")

What two pieces of American currency that add up to 35?

A quarter and a dime.

What instrument does Mozart add to the string quartet to form a string quarter?


What is seven tenths plus one quarter?

They add up to 19/20

What is one quarter add one half?

three quarters

What 4 coins add up to.95?


What is average quarterly balance?

Average Quarterly Balance (AQB) is the average balance to be maintained in the account over a period of a quarter. Add the balance each day of the quarter and divide the sum by the number of days in that quarter.

What four coins add up to 0.95?

a half-dollar, a quarter and 2 dimes

What is half ad a quarter?

It is: 1/2 add 1/4 = 3/4

How many quarters do you have if you add one half and one quarter together?

three quarters. one half (two quarters) and one quarter = three quarters.

What do you add to muffins to add fiber?

a quarter cup of wheat bran, or ground up flax seeds ( grind in blender or clean coffee grinder-)

What is a one quarter of the productof 5 and 8?

I would have thought that the easiest solution is: 1. Find a quarter of 5 (=1.25) 2. Find a quarter of 8 (=2) 3. Add them together ( 1.25 + 2 = 3.25) QED

What is a quarter add four fifths?

1/4+4/5 = 21/20 or as 1.05