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One fifth of forty is eight. One quarter of eight is two.

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Q: What is a quarter fifth of forty?
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What is a quarter of forty eight?

A quarter (not quarter) of forty eight (not forty eight) is twelve.

What is the duration of The Fifth Quarter?

The duration of The Fifth Quarter is 3000.0 seconds.

When did The Fifth Quarter end?

The Fifth Quarter ended on 2011-09-17.

When was The Fifth Quarter created?

The Fifth Quarter was created on 2004-03-27.

What is larger 1 quarter or 1 fifth?

1 quarter is 25% larger than 1 fifth.

What is Four fifth of fifty?

Forty !

What is the decimal for 1 fifth of a quarter?

0.05, or 5%. A quarter is 0.25, one fifth of that is 0.05.

What is a quarter of forty four?

Quarter of 44 = 44/4 = 11

What is the three fifth of forty five?


What is one quarter of forty eight?


What is a quarter of forty?

40 / 4 = 10

How much is a quarter keg?

forty dollars

What is one fifth of forty?

one fifth of 40 is the same as 40 divided by 5 which is 8.

What is a fifth of forty?

1/5 of 40 = 8

What percent is 1 fifth of forty five?


How do you spell 45th in words?

45th = forty-fifth.

Choose the number that is one quarter of one half of one fifth of 200?

quarter x half x fifth = fortieth so the answer is 5

What is the proper name for forty five minutes?

A quarter after.

What is a quarter of five hundred and forty two?

The answer is 135.5

What is 3 to the fifth power in words?

Three to the fifth power equals two hundred forty-three.

What is 45 written in ordinal word form?


What is a fifth of forty-five?

1/5 of 45 is 9

What is the forty fifth element in the periodic table of the elements?


What is a forty five as a fraction of one and three quarter?


What is the quarter of forty four?

A 1/4 of 44 is 11