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Quotient is the result of a divisor dividing a dividend. For example 3 divide by 2 is 0.666...

3 is the divisor, 2 is a dividend and 0 is the quotient, as for the recurring 6's they are the remainder.

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The correct spelling is quotient. The definition of quotient is a result that is gotten by dividing one quantity by another. It is an amount or degree of a specified quality.

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Q: What is a quotent?
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What is the quotent of 7 and 955?


What is the quotent of 160 divided by 40?


What words in maths mean multiply?

quotent, quarks, exdover, reinstilt, of

What is the quotent of 3999 divided by 8?


What is the quotent when the decimal number ten and sixtenths is divided by fourhundreths?

The quotient is 265.

What is the quotent of 1135 and 5?

To find the quotient, divide 1135 by 5. The answer is 227.

Divisor and remainder is given find the dividend?

quotent X divisor + remainder = dividend

What is the quotent and remainder of 59 divided by 9?


When 475 is divided by n the quotent is 25 solve for n?


Why was Einstein different?

Because he had a higher Intelligance Quotent than normal so understood a lot more things!

What is the name for the term of the sum of items that are multiplied together?

Addition - Sum Subtraction - Difference Division - Quotent Multiplication - Product

A number that can be written as a quotent of two integers?

A number that can be written in the form a/b whre a and b are integers is called a rational number.

What was Albert Einstein's intelligence quotent?

he never took one, or if he did, he never told anybody the results. it wasn't possible IQ tests are not from his time

If the divisor is 8 and the quotent is 24what is the dividend?

the answer is 192 i figure because 24 times 8 equals 192 and if u divid it equals 24

What do the words product sum quotent and difference mean?

Product is the answer in a multiplication problem; Sum is the answer in an addition problem; Quotient is the answer in a division problem; Difference is the answer in a subtraction problem.

Find the sum difference product and quotent what numbers99 and 6.6?

99 + 6.6 = 105.6 99 - 6.6 = 92.4 99 x 6.6 = 653.4 99 / 6.6 = 15

What does the answer tell you when the estimated quotent is 120 and the actual is 83?

It suggests that the divisor was very small and was rounded without sufficient care. It is likely that the denominator, such as 1.44 was rounded down to 1.

Other words for division?

I think these are some words!!Don't blame me if i am wrong! Im only in P5!quotientquotentdividendsharesupplydivideplaceproductdivisor reversal

Quotient of 15 and 5 more than a number is 10?

Quotent is the result of a division 15/(a+5)=10 multiply both sides by (a+5) 15=10a+50 10a=-35 a=-3.5

What does an IQ score of 150 mean?

IQ stands for intelligence quotent. It is said to measure a persons intelligence. An IQ score of 150 is said to be genius level. Less than 1 percent of IQ scores fall into the 145 to 159 range.

Can you come up with a math term for every letter of the alphabet?

Algebra Base Calculus Diameter Equals Factor Geometric Hook's Law Integer Jacobian Kepler's Law Less than Mass Negative Orthogonal Perimeter Quotent Radius Square root Trichonomitry Unit Varible Whole number X-Axis Y-Axiz Zero

If you divided a number by 4 will the quotient be greater than or less than the quotient of the same number divided by 8 explain?


Method for solving quadratic equation?

completing the square.. given: x2 +6x+13=74 make into perfect square trinomeil... 1. isolate x terms x2 +6x=61 divide the coeffiecent on x term by 2, square the quotent and add to both sides x2 +6x+9=61+9 factor (x+3)2 =70 take square root of both sides x+3=plus or minus sqr(70) x=-3+sqr(70) x=-3-sqr(70)

How many times does 41 go into 24?

Restating your question, you have 24 divided by 41. Or: 24/41, or 24 ÷ 41 = ?. Now to solve, looking at 41 and 24, you can see that 41 is larger than the number 24, therefore, you will be into fractions of 1. Solving: 41 doesn't go into 24, therefore, place a decimal, and add a zero to 24 making it 240. how many times does 41 divide into 240? decide on a number, I'm gonna' go for 6 at first. 6 x 41 = 246 too high! but only by a bit, so I'm gonna' guess that it would be 5 times. 5 x 41 = 205. Doing the subtraction, (240 - 205) you get 35. Now, bring down another zero, so that you have 350 divided by 41. Now I know from previous calculation that 41 x 6 =246, and I need a number a bit higher to subtract from 350. I'm gonna' try 9. Multiply 41 x 9 = 369, oops! a bit too high, so let's try 41 x 8, which equals 328--great, it's less that 350. Now, subtract 328 from 350 and your answer is 22, bring down a '0' to have 220. Now, how many times will 41 go into 220? I know that 5 x 41 = 205, so, I put 5 in the quotent and subtract 205 from 220 and get 15. Generally, when doing longhand division, you answer to about 3 places and then make a "remainder of:" statement. Therefore, we have 24 ÷ 41 = 0.585 remainder of 15. Or, if you are using a calculator, input: 24 division sign 41 equals. The answer would be: 0.5853658 (and so on). Generally, you would have been told previously how many decimal places to carry, and then it would be up to you to know if you add one to your last digit or not.