What is a range?

Updated: 9/11/2023
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the difference between the greatest and the least number in a set of numbers

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Q: What is a range?
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Is pitch range and playing range the same thing?

pitch range it the range for your voice. playing range is the range of notes an instrument can make

What is higher in elevation-the Cascade Range the Mojave Desert or the Ozark Plateau?

cascade rangeThe cascade range

What is a series of two or more adjacent cells in a column or row or a rectangular group of cells in Excel?

A Range

What is a row of mountains called?

A mountain range

What is the difference between tolerance range and optimal range?

tolerance range is the abiotic conditions. Optimal range is the preferred range of a species

What is formatted range?

A collection of cells is called a range. When you format that range, it becomes a formatted range.

How can you use range while planning to draw a line graph?

The data range must fit within the range of the axis.The data range must fit within the range of the axis.The data range must fit within the range of the axis.The data range must fit within the range of the axis.

What is the name of eastern ranges of Himalayas?

Siwalik Range , Singalila Range , Dawhill Range , Dongkia Range

What mountain range is in British Columbia?

The Rocky Mountain range is in, but not completely inside of, British Columbia. The Coast Mountain Range is completely within B.C. As are the Cariboo Mountains, the Nechako Range, the Fawnie Range, the Whitesail Range, the Itcha Range, the Wolverine Range, the Lillooet Range, the Camelsfoot Range, the Monashee Mountains, the Columbia Mountains, the Selkirk Mountains, etc.

Is range an adjective?

No, "range" is a noun. Nothing can be "very range" or "more range", for instance. However, in English nouns can be used to modify other nouns, as in "range rover, range gear", etc.

Does the rocky range have a mountain range?

The Rocky Mountains is a mountain range.

What is a valid prediction range?

The valid prediction range is the range of the "predictor."