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  • a ratio table is a way of presenting a ratio on a math table... pretty self-explanatory

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Q: What is a ratio table in math terms?
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What is a table in math terms?

it is where you have a table of data

What does terms of a ratio mean in math?

suck my big black dick math and get a LIFE!

What does ratio tables mean in math?

a ratio table is a way of presenting a ratio on a math table ratio is just another word for verses. for ex. if their are 23 dudes and 55 dudettes the ratio would be 23:55 so the graph would have a higher bar for the dudettes compared to the dudes

What is the definition of percent in math terms?

It is the numerator of an equivalent ratio where the denominator is 100.

What does ratio mean in math terms?

examplle: 3 cats and 10 dogs ratio of dogs to cats= 10/3

What is a table coefficient in math terms?

well the coefficient in math is the number before the varibal.

What is rate in math terms?

rate is a ratio that compares two quantities of different units

In math what is a table?

a math table in math is a table that describes your graph in a different way

Which two math terms means about the same median ratio mean average?

Mean and average are the same.

What does pi mean in math terms?

PI is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to the diameter of a circle. The ratio is the same for any size circle. We call that ratio PI. The approximate value of PI is 3.14159265.....

What is an non-example for a ratio table?

A dining table is a non-example a ratio table.

What is the definition of frequency table in math terms?

It is a table which shows a set of values that some variable takes and the number of times that it takes those values.

Isn't pie in terms of math spelled 'pi'?

If you are referring to the number that is used to describe the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, then, yes, in terms of math it is spelled pi. Pi equals out to about 3.141529+ and goes on infinite (never ending).

What does math ratio mean?

A math ratio means 2 separate parts of a fraction.

What does rational number mean in math terms?

A number that can be expressed as a ratio of two integers, X/Y where Y is not zero.

What is the difference between a data table and a ratio table?

A ratio table is more like a pattern, where a data table has graphs.

What is the difference between a ratio table and a data table?

A ratio table is more like a pattern, where a data table has graphs.

Does the math term ratio mean multiply?

No, the math term ratio doesn't mean multiply.

How do math teachers use the periodic table?

Is the periodic table used for Math teachers?

What does principal mean in math terms?

principal(in terms of math)- the amount you borrow or deposit

What is a math table?

a math table is a table that show a graph show or any other problem or to make a graph that shows information

What does 'pi' mean in math terms?

In math terms, pi, means 3.14, which is a everlasting decimal, that is just rounded to make your math easier. So pi, means 3.14 in math terms.

What is the difference between double number line and a ratio table?

i dont know but a ratio table is easier

What is part-to-part Ratio mean in math terms?

An example of part to part is boys to girls in a classroom rather than boys to students in a classroom.

What is the relationship between a math term and a math expression?

A math expression is a collection of math terms

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