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Q: What is a real world example of a scalene triangle?
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What is real life example of an scalene triangle?

Any pythagorean triangle with unequal legs.

Real life examples for a scalene triangle?

The only example that I can think of is a slide.

Can I have a picture of a scalene triangle in real life?

no there isn't

What does a scalene triangle look like in real life?

A badly sliced piece of pizzaA scalene triangle is a triangle where all sides are of different lengths and all angles are different values

What is a real life example of and isosceles triangle?

A pennant is a real life example of an isosceles triangle.

Are ice cream cones an example of scalene triangles in a real setting?


What is a real life example of an obtuse triangle?

An umbrella.

What is a object shaped like a triangle in the real world?

A triangle as in a musical instrument

What is a real life example of an equilateral triangle?

An equilateral triangle is a triangle in which all three sides are equal. The yield sign on highways is an equilateral triangle.

What is a real world example of a fjord?

A fjord is a real world example of a fjord! They exist in the real world.

Real life example picture for obtuse angled triangle?

the peak of a roof often forms an obtuse triangle.

You are looking for real life examples of isosceles equilateral right triangle obtuse triangle and acute triangle?

A real life example of a right-angled triangle would be a ladder leaning against a wall. And a acute triangle is an example of a umbrella. Some types of an umbrella are divided into a few sections using triangles edit by: A.B