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Q: What is a reduction from the original selling price?
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How do you determine the discount percentage?

It is = (reduction in price)/(original price) * 100.

A flat screen television is on sale for 460 following a 30 percent reduction of its original price what was its original price?

This means 460 is 70% of the original price (100%-30% reduction = 70%). So you do 460 / 70 = 6,571428571428571 6,571428571428571 * 100 = 657,1428571428571 The original price was 657,14

If you buy something with a 70 percent reduction in the price and you get it for 216 what is the original price?

308.57Another answer:If the item was a 70% reduction then you paid only 30% of its original price.To find the original price divide 216 by 30 and then multiply by 100(216/30)*100 = 720The original price was 720

Sale price of a car is 17309 dollars which is 30 percent off the original price What is the original price?

30 percent reduction means it is now selling at 70 percent of its original price. 70/100 = 17309 Divide 17309 by 70 to find 1% and then multiply the quotient by 100 to find its original price. 17309/70 = 247.2714286 247.2714286*100 = 24727.14286 dollars which is its original price. Answer: 24727 dollars correct to the nearest dollar.

What is the discount if the original price is 1000 and the selling price is 640?

36% off

If something costs 56.00 and the original price is 70.00 how much is the discount?

Discount = Original price minus selling price = 70.00 - 56.00 = 14.00

Does the sales discount increase an operting expense account?

Sales discount is a reduction of actual sales. It is not an expense rather it is the reduction is selling price which reduces the sales.

What was the original selling price of a 1994 Lincoln Mark VIII?


Original selling price of a 1979 Pontiac catalina?

8145.95 was the sticker price of my 2 door 79

What was the original selling price for a 1991 Sedan Deville 1991?

£30,000 to £76,000

What was the original selling price for a 1971 FORD Ranchero 500 in 1971?


What is a discount in finance?

A discount is a reduction of the original price of an item. It can be a percentage or a fixed amount of the original figure. In finance the same principle applies.