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A shape where all the sides are equal and all the angles are equal. If all sides are equal but angles or not, it is equilateral. If it is vice versa, it is equiangular.

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Q: What is a regular shape?
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Related questions

Is an square an irregular shape or regular shape?


Is a rectangle a regular shape?

no it isn't a regular shape

What is regular and irregular shape?

regular shape is a shape that has same sides irregular shape is a shape that has diffrent sides

Is an eclipse a regular shape?

yes an eclipse is a regular shape

Does a regular shape has equal sides?

no a regular shape is the well known form of that shape eg: a square is a regular quadrilateral

Is a trapezium a regular shape?

A trapezium is considered to be a regular shape. The trapezium is referred to as a regular polygon which has all sides equal.

Is the circle a REGULAR or irregular shape?

The circle is an irregular shape because all of it is curved. * * * * * No. A circle is a regular shape. It is not a polygon and so cannot be a regular polygon but that does not prevent it from being a regular shape.

Is a oval a regular shape?

No. An oval is a streched out circle. A circle is not a regular shape.

Is a square a regular or organic shape?

No, a square is not a regular shape. However, it is considered to be an organic shape. Another organic shape is the prism.

Is a square a regular or irregular shape?


Is semicircle a regular shape?

No it is a irregular shape

How can you tell a shape is regular?

A shape is considered regular when all sides are of equal length.

Is a pentagon a irregular shape or regular shape?

A 5 sided pentagon can be a regular or an irregular polygon.

What does an oblique shape look like?

It is a shape that is not regular.

Is a kite a regular shape?

It depends on what shape the kite is.

What do you call a shape that does have equal sides?

A regular shape.

Is hexegon regular shape?

A 6 sided hexagon is only a regular shape if it has 6 equal sides otherwise it is an irregular shape.

Is a circle a regular shape?


Is circle a regular shape?


Is a trapezoid a regular shape?


Is an ellipse a regular shape?


What is the name of a 2d shape with equal sides?

A regular shape. ( square -regular rectange-, regular pentagon, regular hexagon, equilateral triangle etc. etc.)

Is a kite a regular shape or not a regular shape?

A regular polygon must have all its sides equal and all its angles equal. The only regular quadrilateral is a square.

Is a square an irregular or a regular shape?

A square is a regular shape. It will have four sides of equal length, and a right angle (90 degrees) in each corner.

Is a rhombus a regular shape?

yes No it is not. All the angles of a regular shape must be the same and that is not the case with a rhombus.