What is a rhombi?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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More than one Rhombus

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Q: What is a rhombi?
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Are all squares rhombi?

Yes, all squares are rhombi (aka rhombuses), but all rhombi are not squares.

Are all parallelogram rhombi?

Yes, all rhombi are parallelograms. If you understand the concept "parallelogram" then you will know that rhombi

Why do all the properties of parallelograms apply to rhombi?

Because all rhombi are parallelograms.

What is a square rhombus?

A square rhombus is a square. All squares are rhombi but not all rhombi are squares.

Are parallelograms and rhombus the same think?

No. All rhombi (rhombuses) are parallelograms but all parallelograms are not rhombi.

Some rhombi are squares?


Are all rectangles rhombi?

no they are not

Are all quadrilaterals a rhombi?


Are rhombi congruent?

Not necessarily.

Is a rhomi always a parallelogram?

A rhombus, many rhombi. And, yes, it always is.

Does a square equal to a skinny rhombi?

No. If anything, a square is a fat rhombus. A square has the greatest width of all the rhombi that is can be deformed into.

How many diamonds make three hexagons?

1 hexagon = 3 rhombi so 3 hexagon = 9 rhombi