What is a road on a slope?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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When determining the measurement of slope on a road, the equations are for grade (gradient). The formula is grade = (rise ÷ slope length) * 100

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Q: What is a road on a slope?
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How are slopes used in the real world?

In road building, to make sure the road isn't too steep. Roof of a building has a slope so that rain will run off.

what- A paved road runs down a hill as shown, with endpoints (0, 8) and (8, 0). What is the slope of the hill?


Why would you ever need to know slope or rate of change in the real world?

The "slope" of the graph of any quantity tells how fast that quantity is changing. Any quantity that changes in real life has a slope. -- The slope of the car's odometer reading is the car's speed. That slope is so important that a separate meter, called the "speedometer", is provided to show it. -- The slope of the speedometer reading is the car's acceleration. -- The slope of a road, track, or trail is called the "grade". Hikers and railroad drivers always want to know the grade, because it tells them whether they'll be able to make it past that piece of track or trail, and whether they'll need to get a running start. -- People who build roads with curves have to be careful of what kind of slope they build into the curves. If the slope of the pavement in a curve is wrong, then every car on the curve flies off of the road. -- Carpenters too. If the slope of the roof on a house or a building is wrong, then the rain and snow don't run off fast enough, and the roof caves in.

What are units for slope?

Mathematically, there is no unit for slope. If you are taking something like a rise of 40cm over a run of 10cm, the cm cancel out and the slope is simply 4 Once you get off the math homework paper, however, slopes are often given as over a certain distance. If dealing with a hill on a road, you might be given a slope of "18 inches per 100 feet traveled" or something along those lines. ■

What is the answer to your light truck weighs 3500 kg a gentle slope that is 0.5 km long and on top of the slope you are 200 m higher then you sterted what force has your engine to drive up the slope?

I'll make an assumption that the 0.5 km (500 meters) is along the road and not the horizontal distance. With the road the being the hypotenuse of a right triangle, this give sine of the angle with horizontal as (200 m / 500 m) = 0.4The tangental force necessary is the Force due to gravity times the sine of the angle. (3500 kg)*(9.8 m/s2)*(0.4) = 13720 Newtons. This neglects any frictional forces with the road and in the wheel bearings.