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Q: What is a root of a polnomial function?
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Whbat is the function of the root cap?

The function of the root cap is to protect and cover the growing tip of the root.

What is the function of the root cap epidermis and root hair?

Root cap epidermis's function is protection while that of root hair is absorption .

What is the root word of function?

Good that you thought of it... unfortunately there is no root word of function... because if you think of it for a long time... function is there's no word go with function, so, if you say functional, the root or base word is function. :):

How can a new function be created by composing two existing functions?

You use the output of the first function as the input of the second function. For example, if your functions are sin() (the sine function) and root() (the square root function), you can combine them as:sin(root(x)) or: root(sin(x))

What is the root of malfunction?


What is the function of ginger?

it is the root

What is the function of specialization?

it is the root

How do you find the greatest common fact and another polnomial of 6x plus 12?

The GCF is 6. 6(x + 2)

What is the inverse of a cubic function?

The inverse of the cubic function is the cube root function.

How are root hairs adopted to its function?

Your question makes no sense. Only human children can be "adopted", root hairs cannot be adopted. Further, root hairs are plural so it should be "their function" not "its function".

Is the inverse of a quadratic function is square root function?


What is the function of the cross-section of a root and a stem?

cross-section of a root