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What is a rupee fraction?

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A rupee is a whole number: it is equal to 1.

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What is a fraction of a rupee?


What fraction of a rupee is 45?

45 rupees is 45/1 of a rupee.

How much rupee in 1 mauritius rupee?

1 Mauritius Rupee as opposed to what? Pakistani Rupee? Indian Rupee? Sri Lankan Rupee? Nepalese Rupee? Or maybe Seychelles Rupee? Just...Just do me a favour, okay? Be more bloody specific.

What is the current exchange of rate of Nepalese rupee against Indian rupee?

1 Indian Rupee = 1.57 Napalese Rupee and 1 Nepalese Rupee = .61 Indian Rupee

What is rupee inflation?

what is rupee???

What is a rupee tree?

Indian rupee

What is difference between one rupee note and two rupee note?

one rupee

How many rupees is 111?

100 rupee note+10 rupee note+1 rupee coin

What is the value of 20 paise?

one fifth of a rupee. There are 53.7 rupee to a dollar, and 100 paise to a rupee.

0.85 equals how much rupee?

39.3 rupee

1 Dirham in India Rupee?


What is 30 percent of 40000.00 rupee?

It is: 12,000.00 rupee

In indina rupee how much is 5 cent?

3.06600 rupee

1 yuan contain how much rupee?

7 rupee

How do you spell Indian rupee in office application 2007?


What is the plural of rupee?

The plural form of the word, "rupee," is, "rupees."

What much is two dollars in Indian rupee?

About 90 Rupee

How many dollars is 15 rupee?

1 rupee is $0.30

What is one rupee worth in India?

I rupee =what in US coins

When was Mauritian rupee created?

Mauritian rupee was created in 1876.

When was Pakistani rupee created?

Pakistani rupee was created in 1948.

How much is 10 pence in rupee?

8.92 Indian rupee.

How much is one rupee India 1918?

i have one rupee edward 7 1903 how much one rupee at the tme

Is Mauritius rupee same as Indian rupee?

No. As of May 2013 one Indian Rupee is worth about .5 Mauritian rupees.

What is the value of the rupee compared to the dollar?

Today, feb. 8 2008 one dollar has the value of 39.615 rupees. It also depends on what rupee you are talking about. Is it the Indian rupee or the Pakistani rupee?