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The definition for the word scatterplot is "a graph in which the values of two variables are plotted along two axes, the pattern of the resulting points revealing any correlation present."

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Q: What is a scatterplot-?
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What is a graph that shows the relationships between two sets of data?

It can be a scatterplot, or grouped bar chart.It can be a scatterplot, or grouped bar chart.It can be a scatterplot, or grouped bar chart.It can be a scatterplot, or grouped bar chart.

What is the meaning of scatterplot?

Scatterplot is another word for scatter diagram. A scatter diagram is a graph with two variables plotted along two axes to show a pattern.

What is the Measure of the degree of variation among a set of events?


What is a group of two or more equations that share a common answer?


What is a way of plotting data to show changes occur in related variables?

A scatterplot.

Which is the best equationof a line of best fit this scatterplot?

A straight line equation

What is the point on the scatterplot representing the mean x value and mean y value?

Residual point

What is a graph that has a set of data plotted on a x-y plane as a dot for data points?


The scatterplot compares the price of gasoline in dollars and the number of hybrid cars sold in thousands in Georgia?


What is a linebest fit in a scatterplot?

It is a line that passes through or nearly passes through the plotted points on the coordinated grid.

When do you use a scatterplot?

Scatter plots are used to investigate a possible correlation between two variables that are associated with the same “event.”

What is a scatterplot?

A scatter plot is also known as a scatter diagram. It is a graph in which the values of two variables are plotted along two axes.

What shows the relationships between quantities?

A scatterplot is the best tool. Regression or correlation can often fail to find non-linear relationships.

How many variables are displayed in a scatterplot?

Only two at a time. But any number of [dependent] variables can be displayed against the same [independent] one.

How many variables are displayed in a scatterplot.?

How many variables are displayed in a scatterplot?one along the x-axis, and one along the y-axisone along the x-axis, and two along the y-axistwo along the x-axis, and one along the y-axistwo along the x-axis, and two along the y-axis

Natalie counted the number of birds she saw each day for 20 days and she recorded her data in the table Which scatterplot correctly displays Natalies data?


How do you find the rule for a set of ordered pairs?

Assuming that I understand you correctly, I would say that a first step would be to make a scatterplot and to examine it for patterns.

Chart used to show the relationship of two values?

It can be. But equally, a scatterplot that looks really random can be used to show the absence of a relationship between two variables.

When creating a scatterplot if the points are too close together to see the relatuonship how could you adjust your graph?

Decrease your scale values. The higher the scale values, the stronger the correlation

How is a scatterplot graph different from a line graph?

I think that the difference is that a scatter plot graph has dots on it and that a line graph doesn't. Am sorry if I didn't answer your question properly but this is what I can offer. If it was not enough am sorry.

Which data will most likely show a negative correlation when graphed on a scatterplot?

Negative correlation which is downhill from left to right occurs when one quantity increases while the other quantity decreases.

What is a math word that start with s?

S words in Math:scalene trianglescatterplotsemicircleseriesspheresubtractsumsymmetryshapes, square, solidsquare root

Why is it important to examine a residual plot even if a scatter plot appears to be linear?

B/c it can help to display the subsets in the data. It is also a good way to double check the data and scatterplot.

What does a line of best fit tell you about data on a scatterplot?

It tells you that if there were a linear relationship between the two variables, what that relationship would look like and also how much the observations differed from that linear fit.

What is used to show the relationshhip between two variables?

A scatterplot, if the relationship is inexact - like height and weight. A line graph for exact relationships. An equation or function may be used for exact relationships.