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A scientific model is a reprensentation of an object or system. An example of a scientific model would be a diagram of a cell or a map ..... Even a model rocket!

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Q: What is a scientific model?
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Can a scientific model explain observations?

That is the purpose of the scientific model.

Is a map a scientific model?

Yes a map is a scientific model

Is a scientific theory a model?

Scientific theory is not a model but the model can be construct to represent how any scientific theory work. Model of a large system e.g. earth's climate would contain many scientific theory of different field to make it work.

Under what conditions can a scientific model or theory change?

A scientific model can change if new evidence is found. If the new evidence that has been found contradicts the model or theory then a scientific model or theory can change.

What is the role of a scientific model?

a role of a scientific model is the double helix the flusaic model

What is an example of a scientific model?

an example of a scientific model is the solar system,the water cycle,etc. a model is a replica of somthing in a much smaller version.

How do you use scientific model in a sentence?

A scientific model can be a simple way of representing something more complex. Using a scientific model can be cheaper and more practical than using the real thing. A scientific model can be use in many areas of science. Astronomers can use a scientific model to represent things they study in space.

What are the three scientific models?

computer model, idea model, and physical model

Why is the atomic model a scientific model?

Because this model was experimentally demonstrated.

What are scientific models?

A scientific model is a model used in science to represent things that are far too large or small to study in depth. A scientific model can be used to represent things like space, atoms, or a volcano.

Describe How a scientific model is used and give an example of a scientific model?

A scientific model is a representation of a object or event that can be studied to understand the real object or event. A model airplane is a type of model, models represent things that are too big, too small or too complex to study easily.

How is a scientific model used?

to study or represent a scientific thought or theory:-)

How scientific model is used?

to study or represent a scientific thought or theory:-)

What is the definition of a scientific model?

a scientific model is a small replica of something that has to do with science model has to have every detail right so that people can understand what your model is about without you having to explain it verbally

What are scientific benefits of building a model?

the benefits of a scientific model is that you can observe and go in depth with data. they also help you show ideas

What are some examples of scientific models?

A model of the solar system and a model of the earth or (global) are a few of the best answers for scientific models.

Types of scientific models?

Types of Scientific Models a. Physical Model b. Conceptual Model c. Mathematical Model

Is a scientific model is a specific set of steps that a scientist folows to reach a conclusion?

A scientific model is a theoretical explanation of some phenomenon; the model is the conclusion, it is not the steps by which the conclusion was reached. The sequence of reasoning would just be called a scientific argument.

Two types of scientific models?

mathematical model and physical model

What are the characteristics of a scientific model?


How do you make scientific model with waste material?

gobar(cow dung) gas plant is a good example of scientific model with waste material.

What is the purpose of a scientific model?

The main purpose of a scientific model is to represent empirical objects, physical processes and phenomena in a logical and objective way.

Scientific Definition of model?

The Scientific definition of a model can be material, visual, mathematical, or computational and are often used in the construction of scientific theories. Models can also be defined as standard or example for imitation or comparison.

What is a good scientific reason to accept a model?

The model explains observations well

Is an element like a scientific model?

Uh, no.

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