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A set of related addition-subtraction or multiplication-division sentences is a fact family.

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Can you put two sentences in the same set of quotations?

Yes. Most quotations are multiple sentences long.

How many sentences are in three paragraphs?

There is no set number of sentences in any paragraph, since a paragraph can be short or long and have many short or a few long sentences.

What is the highest number of sentences a paragraph can have?

Actually, a paragraph can have any number of sentences. There is no set number as most students think .

No set rule exists to determine how many sentences should be in a paragraph?

This is true that no set rule determine how many sentences should be in a paragraph. All sentences should logically relate to one main idea. If the main idea changes, start a new paragraph.

Can you gave me a sentences for stagehand?

Here are some sentences.The stagehand turned off the lights.You'll need a stagehand to move that set.

How do you set up a summary?

write 5 to 7 sentences about your story.

How do you use financail goals in a sentences?

The couple set financial goals to get out of debt.

What is one way to ensure that your essay does what you set out to do?

Identify sentences that connect to your purpose.

What are a set of a ideas that explains related obseravtions?

a set of ideas that explains related observations is call Theory

How many sentences makes a 'paragraph'?

A paragraph may be one sentence or several, although most paragraphs average between 3 and 8 sentences. A paragraph consists of material related to a specific subtopic or concept within the written text. There is no standard size, just as there is no set number of words in a sentence.

Sentencing for 3rd degree murder?

There are no set sentences for criminal offenses. It is case specific.

Can you make a meaningful sentences using the word choice?

That depends on the structure of the sentence and what it's about and how you set it out.

What is the penaltly of fifth degree theft?

There are no set sentences or penalties for criminal offenses. It is case specific.

Can you make sentences with the word innocent?

everyone was surprised that john was innocent when mr.miler car was set on fire.

How do you use deposited in sentences?

I deposited the cheque into my bank account. I made a deposit on the new T.V. set.

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