What is a shadow angle?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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an angle (that can be on the earth) at which an angle could be formed by the sun.

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Q: What is a shadow angle?
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What is the definition of shadow angle?

the angle at which a shadow is formed

How does the surface behind a shadow affect the shape and size of an shadow?

If the shadow is on a convex surface, it will be bigger. On a concave surface it will be smaller. If the light source is at a low angle to the opaque object causing the shadow (e.g. you're casting a shadow from a flashlight behind you, to a sidewalk in front), the shadow will be relatively tall. If the angle of the light is high (e.g. sun nearly overhead), the shadow will be short. This will also depend on the angle of the shaded surface.

Does a street sign cast a shadow because light is shining on it at an angle?

An object casts a shadow whenever it is illuminated. It really has nothing to do with the angle. Regardless of the angle, it will cast a shadow. The LENGTH of the shadow it casts, however, is dependent upon the angle at which the light strikes the object. A stop sign will cast a very narrow shadow when the sun is directly overhead, for example, but will cast a very long one at sunrise or sunset.

How long is the shadow for the 74ft pole?

It depends on the angle of the sun. If the sun is at 90 degrees, immediately overhead, then the length of the shadow is 0. What is the angle of the sun?

Suppose you know the height of a flagpole on the beach of the Chesapeake Bay and that you know the length of its shadow How do you calculate the angle of elevation?

If you also know its shadow then you can work out the angle of elevation

How does the distance from a light change the size of the objects shadow?

The answer is simply a matter of angle and perspective. When the light source is close to the item causing the shadow, the angle that the item covers is much wider, thus casting a larger shadow. As the light source moves back from the item, the perspective changes and the angle that the item covers is much less, thus reducing the size of the shadow.

How tall is a boy that casts a 4 ft shadow?

The height of a boy that casts a 4 foot long shadow depends on the angle of the sun. A tangent can be used to calculate his height if we know the angle of the sun using the equation: Height = shadow length x tangent of the angle of the sun. Using a calculator, it is easy to get the value of the tangent for any angle and then complete the equation.

How do you find the angle of elevation from the tip of the shadow of a 12 foot flag pole to the top of the pole is 60 degrees?

is that the entire question because you already gave the angle, meaning you now have every angle for the triangle created by the pole and shadow

About how long is a shadow of an 80 ft tall oak tree if the angle of the sun is 40 degrees?

It depends on the angle of depression of the sun. The answer would be 80ft * tan(90-angle of depression) At a depression angle of 40 degrees, the shadow would be 80 * tan (50) which equals 95.340ft

How tall is a person that casts a 9 foot shadow?

Depends on the time of day (the angle of the sun). Think of the person as being at a right angle to the ground, and the shadow being the other side. The distance from the person's head to the end of the shadow is the hypotenuse. (a^2 + b^2= c^2) a= height of person, b= shadow. If you have the angle of the sun to the ground, you can use Sine/ Cosine to calculate the length.

What exactly a shadow?

A shadow is like shade just in a movement if at will. So it blocks the sun at a certain place depending on the angle.

What is the measure of the angle between the end of the shadow and the vertical side of a 170ft building that cast a 40 ft long shadow?

Using trigonometry the angle of elevation is 77 degrees rounded to the nearest degree