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triangular prism

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Q: What is a shape with 2 triangles at either end joined with 3 rectangles called?
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What shapes does a triangular prism have that a rectangular prism does not have?

Triangles.A triangular prism has two triangles joined by rectangles while a rectangular prism has two rectangles joined by rectangles.

What is the difference between a tetrahedron and a triangular prism?

A tetrahedron has four faces, all triangles A triangular prism has five faces, two triangles at the end joined by rectangles.

What are 2 squares joined by rectangles?

a rectangle

Can two triangles be joined to make a rhombus?


Do any two triangles can be joined to make a rhomus?

No, two scalene triangles, for example, can never make a rhombus..

Can any two triangle be joined together to make a rhombus and what are the triangles that can make the rhombus?

no two triangles can make a square

How many triangles can be formed in a 15 sided polygon when one of its vertices is joined to the other vertices?

13 triangles will be formed

How many faces of a triangular prism are made up of rectangles?

Three. There are three rectangles that are joined along their parallel edges which forms a triangle at each end.

What is the name of a quadrilateral made from two identical isosceles triangles?

In general, a parallelogram. But if the triangles are joined along their odd side, a rhombus.

What shapes make a hexagonal prism?

Each end of the prism will have a parallel 6 sided hexagon joined together by 6 rectangles.

Can two congruent equilateral triangles can be joined to make a rhombus?

no it makes a square.

Can two triangles be joined together to make a rhombus?

yes it can i dont no why though