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Q: What is a shape with an area of 100cm?
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What is the area of a square whose side is 100cm in lenght?

Area = length x width Area = 100cm x 100cm Area = 10000cm2

What is the area of a square whose side is 100cm in length?

The area of a square is the length of a side squared (multiplied by itself)A square that have 100 cm on all sides is 100cm*100cm = 10,000 cm2

What is the area of a circle with diameter of 100cm?

A = ~7,853.981cm2

What is the width if the area of a square is 100cm?


How many cm equals 1sqm?

Because cm is a unit of length and sqm is a unit of area, this is impossible to answer. Here is sqcm in sqm: 1sqm = 1m*1m 1m = 100cm 1sqm = 100cm*100cm 1sqm = 10,000sqcm

What is a complex shape with an area of 100cm and a perimeter of 30cm?

There is no such shape. Firstly, because no shape can jave an area of 100 cm. Suppose, though, that its area were 100 SQUARE cms, even then, there is no possible solution. Of all the shapes possible with a given perimeter, a circle has the greatest area. A perimeter of 30 cm means a radius of 30/(2*pi) = 15/pi cm. A circle with this radius would have an area of pi*(15/pi)2 = 225/pi = 71.62 sq cm : well below the area required.

What is a perimeter of a square whose area is 625cm square?

The perimeter is 100cm

How many sq cm are in 1 sq m?

100 cm in a meter 10,000 square cm in a square m (which is 100cm x 100cm!) 1,000,000 cubic cm in a cubic meters (which is 100cm x 100cm x 100cm!)

What is the lent of a quadrilateral whose area is 100cm and perimeter is 40cm?

It is a square with lengths of 10 cm

How do you find the area of a shape with a shape inside of it?

You would find the area of the inside and outside shape (pretending that the inside shape was not in the outside shape). then, you would take the area of the outside shape and subtract the area of the inside shape.

Is 100cm in 1m?

yes it is 1m is 100cm

Is the word 'area of a shape' a noun?

In the phrase 'area of a shape', both area and shape are nouns. In your mind, add 'the', it helps to show that they are nouns: 'the area of the shape'.